2013 MacBook Pro and Mac Pro release importance

By Peter Chubb - Oct 10, 2013

The third quarter of the PC market has not been going too well for Apple if we can believe some recent data collected by Gartner and IDC. It shows the PC market is healthier than Mac hardware, which could prove an issue for Apple because they have also seen tablet sales drop over the past few months.

These figures are not accurate and are based on estimates, so there is margin for error, but overall sales still look to be lower than they were for the same quarter last year. However, it is in these figures where we get a little confused because IDC say sales dropped 11.2 percent for Macs, whereas Gartner reports 2.3 percent – so whom do we believe?

It is clear that we cannot rely on either figure, but we do believe sales are still down, and for good reason. This time of year people are holding off buying new Mac products because they know new devices and OS is on their way.

The Mac Pro release is so important for Apple this year

The Mac Pro release is so important for Apple this year

We do hope that the Apple event later this month will bring with it the 2013 MacBook Pro with Haswell and the Mac Pro, as there is huge importance in their release. It is obvious that people will not want to purchase these devices just yet, as they know the former is to get a minor refresh, whereas the latter is getting a complete redesign.

It is the hope that if and when Apple releases the new MacBook Pro and Mac Pro, then sales will pick up because of the excitement of these improvements. Other people have been holding off because they know OS X Mavericks is looming, and would rather put a hold on their Mac purchase to make certain it comes pre-installed on a new Mac device rather than having to pay for the upgrade.

Do you think Mac sales are as low as this report suggests, and are people holding off purchasing a new Mac device in anticipation of new models?

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  • P K

    I am waiting for the past 6 month to upgrade my white Macbook for a Macbook Pro

    • Herve Shango

      dude you still have that ancient white macbook pro

  • MacPhyle

    I can only speak for myself: I would have purchased a new machine earlier than this, but I’ve been waiting on the new Mac Pro.

    • TimPL

      Agreed: I have been waiting for a year to replace my 2008 Mac Pro so I’ve spent nothing since buying an iPad eighteen months ago – and now borrowed by my wife!