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GTA V unlimited money claims after patch 1.03

We have an important heads-up for those playing GTA V on Xbox 360 and PS3, who haven’t entered GTA V Online in a while. Rockstar has now deployed another patch for the game, updating both console versions to 1.03 and it looks like one of the primary motives was to fix up ways for players to make easy cash.

Earlier this week we told you about the latest popular method, which involved the mission Mixed up with Coke and allowed players to rack up around $700,000 per hour with 160,000 Reputation Points in the process.

Although we predicted that this method would be fool proof, it looks like Rockstar has cracked down already, specifically targeting this mission in the 1.03 patch update. We’re getting feedback from readers stating that this mission does not offer as much cash any more and isn’t worth the time to grind with three other online players.

However, don’t get too upset just yet. Clever players are always one step ahead and it looks like there are two new methods of making ‘unlimited’ money in GTA V, after the new 1.03 patch has released. We have a couple of videos to show you now which will definitely help you to rack up some quick cash in the game and allow you to buy the property you want without having to resort to a GTA V credit card.

Have you become rich already in GTA V?
Have you become rich already in GTA V?

One of these missions is called Violent Duct, which the uploader claims can get you 400,000 per hour if continuously played over and over, receiving $9,000 each time you complete the mission successfully. The next video is a little more adventurous, but involves selling custom cars over and over.

The second method appears to be more like a glitch though, rather than a proven method, so see how you get on and whether it works for you or not.

With the 1.03 patch now live on Xbox 360 and PS3, tell us which method you are currently using to get the most cash in GTA V. Do you have any tips for our readers to share?



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