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Zelda A Link Between Worlds: Dark Vs Light World

Pokemon X and Y may be coming up thick and fast as Nintendo 3DS owners prepare for the next big software launch, but for other fans the biggest game on the way is easily The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, which is scheduled for release on November 22.

Fans may not have seen as much gameplay as they would have liked, but we have a couple of screenshots now which should give you a nice update for the week.

The game is set in the original light world as seen in A Link to the Past of course, and will also feature the famous dark world from the same game but with some significant alterations. One of these will be Link’s ability to hug against walls in a cartoon style, allowing him to discover previously unreachable items and solve puzzles in an entirely different light.

The two screenshots we have to show you now give you an idea of the changes that are in store for players, when switching between the new light world and dark world with A Link Between Worlds. You’ll instantly notice some similarities from the original SNES classic, such as pigmen enemies and also rocks that are now transformed to skulls again when in the dark world.

Can you spot the differences?
Can you spot the differences?

There’s also one interesting aspect of this image, showing the bird statue that was previously in a different location in the first game completely. Players had to use the flute to free the bird trapped inside the statue, but it looks like the statue may have a brand new purpose in A Link Between Worlds.

As we await some fresh gameplay from Nintendo, give us your thoughts on the game so far. Are you looking forward to this more than Pokemon X and Y?



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