Watch Dogs won’t get choppers just because of GTA V

With GTA V now available and wreaking havoc across many living rooms, we have noticed that there has been a sudden interest in including helicopters and other customization areas into Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world effort, with Watch Dogs.

There has been an inevitable Watch Dogs Vs GTA V showdown all Summer of course, despite Ubisoft saying numerous times that they are not really intending to go head-to-head with Rockstar – a wise decision perhaps given the unprecedented GTA V sales so far.

Regardless of that, fans have been asking for Ubisoft to put helicopters in Watch Dogs, just so that they can roam around the skies like they would with GTA V. There’s even been a petition set up for this request believe it or not, but we’re here to tell you that Ubisoft are not interested in meeting this demand.

Creative director Jonathan Morin has spoken to VG247 in a recent interview, effectively ending all hope of putting choppers into the game, just because Rockstar has them in GTA V.

Here’s a quote from the internet which isn’t good news for those who were hoping to see some chopper action in Watch Dogs:

“When you do a game you always want to make sure that what you put in is to the service of the game. I think GTA has a great fantasy and everything they put in it reinforces that fantasy. What you don’t want to do is start copying or start feeling the pressure of your neighbour like, ‘Oh my god we need a chopper’.”

So there we have it. If you want to fly choppers, we suggest you play GTA V. Or you can wait until somebody tinkers around with the PC version of Watch Dogs and adds it in as a custom mod – that could be a good alternative some time after release, but it will take time.

No choppers in Watch Dogs, but plenty of cars..
No choppers in Watch Dogs, but plenty of cars..

Perhaps Watch Dogs fans should be more excited about the new features that the game will introduce into the open-world space, that you didn’t see over the last month with GTA V – isn’t that what it’s all about?

Give us your thoughts on the lack of choppers for Watch Dogs, big deal or not for you?



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