Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us sequel on PS4 intensifies

By Peter Chubb - Oct 8, 2013

A recent conversation with Chris Ashimine, who works for Sony Japan Studio’s, has thrown the cat among the pigeons in terms of the next game from Naughty Dog for the PS4. He had been asked about the future of Uncharted, and it was his reply that has gained our interest.

He said that while he knows Naughty Dog is working on a PlayStation 4 title, he couldn’t be certain if it is going to be Uncharted 4. We could take this either way because he could be hinting that it will be their next game, or trying to tell us that it could even be The Last of Us sequel.

Either title would make sense because they are both very popular, although we have already seen a reaction on the Internet that suggests while Uncharted is a great franchise, they should drop it now. However, other fans believe they should give it a break and release Uncharted 4 in 2015.

It is hard to know what to believe because NowGamer spoke to Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake has seen some testing and says it is truly amazing. This has led to the assumption the game in question is Uncharted 4, and it would make perfect sense because Sony and Naughty need a safe bet, one they know will do very well as a PS4 release.

To add fuel to the fire, a report on The Metro says Lost and The Lord of the Rings actor, Dominic Monaghan, has said he has been working on a new Uncharted game as a voice of one of the characters.

There does seem to be an overwhelming proof that work on Uncharted 4 for PS4 is already under way, but we have seen in the past how wrong these rumors can be.

However, there are some gamers who believe Naughty Dog would be far better to work on The Last of Us 2, and there have already been some great ideas being thrown about. One suggestion was a prequel because we have seen how well those do in movies. That would mean we would have to follow a different set of characters and not the main protagonists in the current game.

This would not be a direction Naughty Dog would feel comfortable with, as we know they like us to stick with the same character/characters for at least three games.

Taking all this into account, which do you think is a better bet, Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us sequel on the PS4?

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  • Paul Smith

    Their gonna do both,Uncharted 4 & The Last Of Us 2.Why do people think,Its either one of the other?As long as the story is good,They should keep making Uncharted til it stops being popular & the story starts not as appealing.But with the love story between Drake & Elena,I’m positive that Naughty Dog will do a Great job

  • swemon

    There are so many games, which are based on zombies and especially this dark drama environment (which also applies to movies nowadays.. uugh!).

    Why can’t we go back to these old-fashioned action-hero-movies, which have a more uplifting, light, environment?

    I loved those breath-taking action-scenes in the Uncharted games like crawling up a train, hanging from a cliff, being chased by a helicopter or having a fistfight in midair while the plane you just jumped from explodes in the background. You don’t get that in a survival game like TLOU.

    Also, you don’t get this super-hero effect, which I think is exactly what people are missing nowadays. Combined with some new features on the ps4, Uncharted 4 would make huge success.

  • Nick

    ND can do a steaming turd on my tv stand for all I care, they can do no wrong at the moment. Hell throw TLOU on the ps4 and I will be one very happy gamer

  • Guest

    Game company allegedly making new game.
    More at 11.

    This isn’t news, it’s merely pandering for web traffic.

  • They don’t need a safe bet… they need an eye catcher justifying the next gen. Uncharted 4 will do fine, but imagine a medieval open world RPG from Naughty Dog? Or an atmospheric space thriller? Or a murder mystery set in one big house?

    Naughty Dog can do anything, why do the same damn thing?

  • Escopablobar

    We just got TLOU. It wouldn’t do the IP any good to have a sequel/prequel be the next release from ND. Other reports suggest that a second team has been working concurrently on a separate project while TLOU was in production. That is most likely Uncharted. I love both games and I think that is the opinion of the larger consensus. We would all benefit from future content from both IPs.

    • ALKi1234

      I will NEVER EVER say no if ND’s next game is TLOU sequel on PS4…..NEVER NEVER.

  • John

    I would like another LOU but, only if Joel and Ellie are NOT in the game. I thought it ended perfectly, and to add to it would just ruin it! But we don’t have to worry, ND writer said they think the Joel/Ellie chapter has been completed. I would like to see a prequel, how did the world come to be how it was, and what was Joels brother doing? That would be awesome!

  • think-man

    I’ll take either, they are both awesome games.

  • Guest

    More $0N¥ Overhype that underdelivers. NO THANKS!

  • jonam

    Considering the fact that ending did leave us many questions as to what happened between Joel and Ellie soon after, puts a sequel relatively important than Uncharted. The same gameplay style with advanced mechanics and all those stuff will suffice. And hell Uncharted needs more sequels not just one.

  • zpoccc

    i’d prefer another last of us game – they’ve already stated that if they do a sequel it will focus on a different story/characters, which is fine by me. uncharted 3 wasn’t really that great – it’s a decent game but felt like a step back from uncharted 2 (to me at least). i think the series could use a break.

  • zpoccc

    i’d prefer another last of us game – they’ve already stated that if they do a sequel it will focus on a different story/characters, which is fine by me. uncharted 3 wasn’t really that great – it’s a decent game but felt like a step back from uncharted 2 (to me at least). i think the series could use a break.

  • Evan Armstrong

    I just has to be The Last of Us 2. I’ve heard people say they dont want a sequel but it’s not really their decision, if Naughty Dog does do a sequel they could just have a new set of characters, I actually thought it over cus the ending of the first game gave us a chance to speculate what will become of Joel and Ellie, but hey if they bring Joel and Ellie back for the sequel I’m cool with it so long as they stick to the material and keep the game awesome

  • Luis Almeida

    Uncharted 4, of course! But in the future I also want The Last of Us 2 and new IP!

  • joe

    Last of Us 2 no question. Playing as a grown up Ellie as the main character, uhh hell ya.

  • Ibi

    Given that it seems that Uncharted is already in the works I would like to have Naughty Dog give serious consideration onto where they want to go with “The Last of Us.”

    The story telling was by far the best and given now that we know what is inhabiting the outside the struggle is what do they want to tell. Do an Ish story as a prequel of sorts leading a group of people to a safer place? Or What about the fight between Joel and Tommy? How or what did change Tommy’s outlook with the Firefly’s and the setting up the camp.

    Parts are already in place. But like some asked, “do we want another follow the leader game” off the success of one or do we want something more innovative and given the newer capabilities of the PS4 do they want to push the envelope further.

  • scargi

    uncharted games have always been the best games of the year of their release and have always gone further than other games. it annoys me when people think they should stop after making 3 games even as its such a brilliant game, they shouldn’t. each game is totally different and the stories can be changed as they have done for the past three. the pros outweigh the cons for releasing a fourth title. as i see it last of us a uncharted can run perfectly with each other as this way we are alwats going to have a game from naughty dog to play until the next one comes out with it still being fresh

  • wasi

    whatever they do… it should be on PS3 as well..

    • think-man

      No way, PS4 only.

  • Jeffrey Kuhl

    I want them both!

  • Chris Petropoulos

    I love both Uncharted and the last of us but they definitely need to make a sequel of the last of us, it just needs to be done.After the first I just want more and im sure everyone else does also.

  • cianmcsweeney

    You do know they have two dev teams so theyre probably working on both

  • Samo

    Uncharted 4 on ps4, it rhymes too

  • Jeremy

    R u kidding me. Last Of Us is awesome but, i wouldn’t play in 8 times over like Uncharted 2. They should really make both. take it in turns. 2015 can be Uncharted 4. 2016 can be The Last Of Us 2. but Uncharted is wayyy better.

  • bRayNiac73

    The Last of Us in supernaturally boring!!!

  • Lyndi

    The Last Of Us NEEDS a sequel!!