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Titanfall, Battlefield 4 visions with keyboard and mouse

While Microsoft has been keen to hype up the benefits of their brand new Xbox One controller, we have heard some interesting comments this week on the possibility of adding keyboard and mouse support to the new console. Microsoft has confirmed that it is possible to do at a later date, if the developers are interested enough to make it happen.

It goes without saying that at least having the option of keyboard and mouse across certain titles would be a very exciting feature to have. So far we haven’t had a direct confirmation from Sony on bringing keyboard and mouse to PS4, but it looks like Microsoft has made the first move in boldly saying that they’ll certainly make it happen if developers need the SDK.

At the moment though, it is very early days and Microsoft doesn’t have anything concrete to announce on which games could support this. We can certainly help them with some ideas though – how about post-release patches to get keyboard and mouse support for games such as Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Titanfall?

Having keyboard and mouse support for BF4 on Xbox One could make an amazing difference to sales, especially when some gamers will be making the transition from PC to console for next-gen. It would be in Microsoft’s best interests to at least add the option in there if demand is high enough, so perhaps it is up to you the gamers to make your voices heard.

Would you prefer to use a keyboard on the Xbox One?
Would you prefer to use a keyboard on the Xbox One?

Aside from the obvious shooters that would benefit from K&M support, what other games would you like to see with this feature in 2014? We initially heard that Diablo 3 wouldn’t have keyboard and mouse support on console, but this would be another game that would benefit immensely from having this as an alternative control scheme.

Then again, Blizzard has been working tirelessly on rebuilding the game for controller input – so perhaps we’ll excuse them this time.

Would you like to see the likes of Battlefield 4 and Titanfall on Xbox One with keyboard and mouse support? Some consumers may just like keyboard and mouse support for non-gaming purposes like browsing the web for example – Give us your reaction to this. You can see a confirmation from Major Nelson that this is possible in the video clip below.



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