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Sleeping Dogs 2 on PS4, Xbox One a GTA V alternative?

The moment has finally come for all Sleeping Dogs fans. If you thought that the action from Hong Kong was going to be the last in the series, think again. United Front Games have just confirmed the fantastic news that a new game will be on the way next year and that it will be called Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars.

Sleeping Dogs was easily one of the secret successes of early 2013, and it’s great for fans that Square-Enix will once again be supporting United Front Games by publishing a follow-up game.

Details are unknown on story specifics, as in whether it will be a true sequel to Sleeping Dogs, or if it will be a prequel or spin-off game that takes the series in a different direction than the first.

What we can share though, is that it will be set ‘in the same universe’ as Sleeping Dogs, according to United Front Games. With a title like Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars, it also suggests that the game may be set in Hong Kong again, although Triad communities obviously still exist in many parts of the world today.

With Rockstar still yet to break their silence on the availability of GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One, could Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars be the game that serves as an excellent alternative for next-gen consoles?

Do you have fond memories from the first game?
Do you have fond memories from the first game?

We would be very surprised if Triad Wars is in development for current-gen systems, as United Front Games really has a chance to see what they can do with more superior hardware now compared to Sleeping Dogs – which still looked amazing by the way.

As we await more details soon, give us your reaction to another Sleeping Dogs game on the way. Did you enjoy the first game set in Hong Kong or not? Where would you like Triad Wars to take place?



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