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PS Vita next update includes PS4 functionality

We have some good news for PS Vita owners now, as it looks like Sony are already making plans to make the next PS Vita firmware update a significant one. While we are a bit disappointed at the lack of third-party apps for the system, Sony has confirmed that the handheld will be getting some PS4 functionality in the next update as preparation for the big launch on November 15.

We understand how difficult it must be for Sony to strike deals with companies, but how amazing would it be if Vita owners could use apps such as Spotify and Whatsapp as music and chat alternatives to Music Unlimited and PSN messaging.

We doubt these kind of popular apps will ever come to the PS Vita with Sony keen to market their own apps, but we can always dream.

In the meantime, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has sent out word that the next PS Vita update is going to include something known as the PS4 ‘link app’. Details of what it will do are unknown at this point, but it seems very logical to suggest that it will offer similar functionality to the already confirmed PlayStation app for iOS and Android.

This means that you should be able to use your PS Vita to log into the PSN store on the go, purchase PSN content and have them automatically download and install on PS4 before you get back home. You’ll obviously also be able to keep tabs on trophy achievements and hopefully there will be some PS4 to PS Vita instant chat features thrown in as well.

A lot of fans keep asking on how big PS Vita will be in terms of second screen support for PS4 titles, but at the moment Sony are not saying too much on this – there would be tons of games that would be perfect for PS Vita second screens. Battlefield 4 commander mode is just one example to give you an idea.

What would you like this PS4 Link app to do on the PS Vita? Give us your best ideas below.



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