McLaren P1 production line images released

The build-up to the McLaren P1 release has been intensive because it has two main rivals, the Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari LaFerrari. They have been trading their performance figures for several months, with the P1 suggesting it can beat the 918 Nurburgring lap time.

We have yet to see McLaren put their money where their mouth is and prove a quicker lap time, but maybe they will, now McLaren P1 production has begun? I do hope they have the faster time, as I’m a huge fan of McLaren.

McLaren has released a few images of the McLaren P1 production line, which they shared on their official website and social media channels. We have included a couple of images for you and it is amazing to see how clean of an environment the McLaren technology Centre is.

McLaren P1 production line images on social channels
McLaren P1 production line images on social channels

If you were hoping to get your hands on the P1, then you will be left feeling disappointed because they have pretty much sold out, with just a handful left in Europe. Those who were lucky to get their McLaren P1 orders in will be able to visit the production line, although they will have to view the process through a bespoke viewing suite.

Going back to the images, these are the photos of the first P1s being assembled, and once engineers get into gear they will produce one P1 each day. In all there are 375 units being made, and McLaren has no plans to increase this number, as they want the model to be exclusive.



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