Elder Scrolls 6 ideal location

By Peter Chubb - Oct 8, 2013

With work on Elder Scrolls Online progressing, it is no wonder talk about the main game has eased of a little, but that is not saying we do not stop thinking about it. We say this because there are still fans of the franchise still hoping to learn news of a Skyrim sequel considering DLC updates have come to an end.

Whenever talking about the possibility of the next game in the franchise it is the subject of Elder Scrolls 6 ideal location that crops up the most. Looking at some of the discussions it is a safe bet that we will still be on the Tamriel continent.

If they do stick with the same continent, then there are several choices available to Bethesda, either give us the chance to check out some of the explored regions in Cyrodiil or Morrowind or choose to send us to other continents, such as Akavir or Atmora.

We know covering the whole of Tamriel or a huge part of it would be a huge undertaking, but we know Bethesda will not rush it and the developer also has the benefit of next-gen consoles this time, meaning it could be an achievable task. Where do you think the ideal Elder Scrolls 6 location would be?

Other Elder Scrolls 6 ideas – We have been sent loads of ideas since Skyrim was released, as some fans warmed to the idea of time travel. They would like to go back to key moments, such as when the Dwemer lived.

Fans would also like random quests and events kept, but would like to see more diversity. Arena is another topic that comes up a lot, as many fans would like to see it make a comeback.

These are just a few Elder Scrolls VI ideas, but there are many more to be found on GameSpot Forums, but we would like to know if you have anything to add?

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  • Jakeito412

    I think they couldn’t go wrong setting the next game in Summerset Isles. The game could start with you as a prisoner of the Thalmor, then you escape and fight against them as the main quest. DLC could include such things as the Psijic Monks and the Isle of Artaeum, which was originally located in the Summerset Isles, and has disappeared and reappeared several times throughout history. Perhaps the Isle will reappear and the Psijic Order will launch an assault on the Thalmor before they toy with magicks they don’t understand and cause mass devastation. With the Thalmor in firm control of Alinor(Summerset Isles), the time is ripe for a game set there, for a hero to turn up right under their noses and begin causing trouble.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      I would like to see the Summerset Isles to, if only to see the Imga. Maybe add them as a playable race or something.

      But the main story has to stick with the same formula as the other Elder scrolls games: Prisoner is actually the chosen one destined to save all, or a good sized portion of the world from someone or something. Thalmor could be the main enemy between you and the Big Bad Thing.