Pokemon X and Y new Pokemon list with evolutions

By Alan Ng - Oct 7, 2013

As we close in on the October 12 release date for Pokemon X and Y, it looks like we have the big leak that you have all been waiting to see. We’ve shown you some of the new evolutions over the last few days for the Kalos starter Pokemon and Honedge, but now we could have the full list of every single new Pokemon in X and Y, including their evolutions.

We could also have a full list of Pokemon X and Y mega evolutions as well to show you, all combined into one single image that most of you have been waiting a long time to see. We also think that this is the real deal, as many of the Pokemon included in the following image have already been officially revealed by Nintendo and Game Freak, or indeed revealed previously like the starter evolutions for example.

With that in mind, feast your eyes on the amazing image below, it shows a complete list of new Pokemon in the game, along with any evolutions that they have. Towards the bottom, there is even a full set of mega evolutions in the game, confirming new mega evolutions for the likes of Gengar, Kangaskhan and Blaziken.

Can you catch all of these?

Can you catch all of these?

This may not be all of the mega evolutions in the game, but it certainly looks to be a near-complete list. Presuming this image is legitimate, which new Pokemon are you most surprised about in the game? Zygarde looks very interesting indeed, especially since it is listed next to the legendaries in Xerneas and Yveltal – could Zygarde be a legendary Pokemon in X and Y too?

There’s also another look at the fossil Pokemon first revealed here and a confirmation of Honedge’s final evolution into Aegislash as we told you here.

Take a look at everything and give us your reaction to the picture which was uploaded to Reddit.

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  • me


  • aktham

    mega aggron and mega tyranitar

  • aktham

    you forgot mega pinsir mega sizor mega banette and mega medicham

  • Moshe Telles

    I am still waiting for a Mega Golem. Any chance of that happening?

  • Dyllan

    Mega Gyarados should be Water/Dragon, I think that would be great.

  • Dyllan

    I want a Mega Dragonite !!

  • K. Harris

    I hope this isn’t all of them, but I won’t raise a fuss if this is all. It does seem unlikely that this would be the extent of Pokemon released for such a monumental game, though.
    Obviously these are just leaks… We still have to get the games for ourselves and see.

  • racey1979

    What the hell is all this Pokémon BS? I’ve never understood it. I thought it was a stupid TV program for 2 year olds or super nerds

    • Clos1

      suck a fat one hater!!!!!!!

      • Andy Race

        You suck a fat one, muppet.

  • asdfghjkl

    Zygarde doesn’t look elaborate enough to be a sixth-generation legendary. Speaking of legendaries, there’s no trio or duo…

  • Scylla225

    Looking at all these leaks, I am finding one problem that Gamefreak should really address:
    Gallade. Poor thing. So thoughtlessly outclassed.

  • nathan

    definitely need more pokemon. this cant be the full amount surly. like theres only 3 new electric pokemon, well say 2 has the mouse one may has well be a pikachu riachu. rip off same goes for fire types has well there aint enough. i for one are hoping there are more new pokemon to come a new evolutions for past pokemon such has emolga, heatmor, throh, swark. dunsparce would be an interesting one to see with a evolution has well lol, may become use full

  • HI!

    I don’t think it’s real, a good deal of them are but others. Yeah, just others there and Chispen’s evo is listed as Grass and Fighting but on leaked images of it’s pokedex entry it just show him as grass type.

  • anonymous

    greninja and chesnaught were confirmed fake

    • Rex

      actually greninja and chesnaught are real

    • asdfghjkl

      Really? Who confirmed it? I was a sceptic a first, but they seem pretty legit, what with all the “leaks” and such.

  • Tute09

    I read somewhere that the list is actually a compilation of what has been leaked so far, and by no means final.

  • Oshi

    “That’s not enough pokemon, that can’t be it”
    You guys. We just got 156 new pokemon in Black & White. This 69 more makes 718 Pokemon total. The game has 3 pokedexes of 150 each. It’s enough!

  • Ian Settlemyer

    And we need more Non-Mega Evolutions for Eevee, Farfetch’d, Banette, Combee, Parchirisu, and others, as well as a pre-evolution for Throh and Sawk. We also need more Pokémon; this isn’t enough.

  • Gamerboy

    I highly doubt that this is the final list. Cause its not on Pokemon’s Facebook page. If it where theyd b all like “Hey trainers! Catch a look at the full Kalos Pokedex! Can you Catch ’em all?!”

  • Gh7t5

    This is fake. All of the pokemon are real, but if you look at mega Kangaskhan or gyarados they are in the same pose they have been in in YouTube videos. Kangaskhan is also to grainy, while Gyarados’ pose is to unrevealing to be official art.

    • sheld999

      well mega kangaskhan was confirmed by pokemon inventor himself

  • Gh7t5


  • Ascending Legend

    mega tyranitare and mega aggron

    • BeastxxxxMode

      Can’t wait for those, very excited for Scizors and Alakazams too. This can’t be the complete list but the pokemon shown are the real deal no fakes

      • Dyllan

        Yes, I thing there are more mega evolution, Scizor and Alakasan would be great, I’d like to see a Mega Dragonite too. I think all starters should have a mega evolution as well.

        • BeastxxxxMode

          Yes I agree not sure about if Dragonite or Alakazam gets one but maybe 2 days left!

  • jessness

    Even though the final starter evolution’s were conformed to be fake.

    • NgTurbo

      Really? Where is the confirmation that they are fake.. as Chesnaught, Delphox n Greninja seem pretty nailed at the moment.

  • Rickson Alabarca

    i doubt this is the final… where the hell are the legendary trio? 69 new Pokemon is really a small number…

    • ClydeBasil

      Lots of legendarily from past games should be available though

  • Joshua Rizk

    The only reason i could say it’s a fact is because Absol is missing the “Mega” before its name

  • T_Unit

    Wow thats it?

    • Non-Specific Action Figure

      Remember that Black and White introduced 150 new monsters into the equation, more than any generation before it.

      Black and White spoiled us with new Pokemon. This is pretty good, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we get more info on alt Mega-Evos for the other Kanto-starters and for the other Hoenn-starters. I’m more shocked than anything that the fire-type starters are getting the most love.

      • KonTheFluffy

        Spoiled us? I don’t give damn if we got spoiled! Look the thing that makes me like pokemon is they constantly come up with new ideas and new pokemon, I feel like we got ripped off. Even if we got 100 or 120 new pokemon and like 40-50 mega evolutions I would be fine with. BUT 69 FREAKING NEW POKEMON IS A RIP OFF! I will not be buying the games if only 69 new pokemon are introduced.

        • Non-Specific Action Figure

          Okay then.

          Miss out on EVERYTHING ELSE that X&Y bring to the table.