Pokemon X and Y new Pokemon list with evolutions

As we close in on the October 12 release date for Pokemon X and Y, it looks like we have the big leak that you have all been waiting to see. We’ve shown you some of the new evolutions over the last few days for the Kalos starter Pokemon and Honedge, but now we could have the full list of every single new Pokemon in X and Y, including their evolutions.

We could also have a full list of Pokemon X and Y mega evolutions as well to show you, all combined into one single image that most of you have been waiting a long time to see. We also think that this is the real deal, as many of the Pokemon included in the following image have already been officially revealed by Nintendo and Game Freak, or indeed revealed previously like the starter evolutions for example.

With that in mind, feast your eyes on the amazing image below, it shows a complete list of new Pokemon in the game, along with any evolutions that they have. Towards the bottom, there is even a full set of mega evolutions in the game, confirming new mega evolutions for the likes of Gengar, Kangaskhan and Blaziken.

Can you catch all of these?
Can you catch all of these?

This may not be all of the mega evolutions in the game, but it certainly looks to be a near-complete list. Presuming this image is legitimate, which new Pokemon are you most surprised about in the game? Zygarde looks very interesting indeed, especially since it is listed next to the legendaries in Xerneas and Yveltal – could Zygarde be a legendary Pokemon in X and Y too?

There’s also another look at the fossil Pokemon first revealed here and a confirmation of Honedge’s final evolution into Aegislash as we told you here.

Take a look at everything and give us your reaction to the picture which was uploaded to Reddit.



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