NVIDIA Shield vs. Ghetto PC game streaming

By Peter Chubb - Oct 7, 2013

The NVIDIA Shield handheld gaming device has certainly divided opinion, but it is clear there are still a few gamers out there who are pleased with it, one of which is in the video we have embedded for your viewing pleasure below.

We get to watch a full NVIDIA Shield review, and see how it compares to the Ghetto Shield in terms of how they perform when it comes to PC game streaming. We don’t get to see how the battery life of these last against each other, or how the GPUs perform. This is more of a hands-on-review and a direct comparison to the Ghetto Shield.

First of all, the review talks about the NVIDIA Shield overall usage experience, which is pretty solid in your hands, although the video points out it could be a bit too solid. This is because the device can become heavy while playing lying down with it above your head for long periods of time.

However, that extra weight is there for a reason because there is a decent size battery, although the size seems to have been designed for people with large hands. Game streaming runs like a dream and is described in the video review as awesome.

When the NVIDIA Shield is compared to the Ghetto Shield running the same game you will notice the latter cannot run the same high resolutions, although this is not much of an issue on a small display. Ghetto Shield is not as seamless either.

We are told the NVIDIA Shield 2 will come with various updates, such as a camera and using a data connection from your cell provider, but this is just rumor.

For another outlook we’d like you to look at this PS Vita vs. Nvidia Shield in-depth video.

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  • deppman

    Great review Linus. I too have a Shield, and the family loves it. I accidentally ordered two, and I regret sending the second one back. Apparently, NV is not rolling out Shield to other Australia, for example, because they are selling all they can make in the states.

    I don’t use it for streaming because Nvidia doesn’t support Linux — yet. However, the controller is great for many Android games and emulators. For example, I gave up on ShadowGun last year on a tablet because I found it frustrating. But when I got the Shield, it was a blast and I finished the game. And its pretty cool to have the fastest Android device by a wide margin 🙂

  • Killbot

    I do think that consoles like these are the way of the future especially when the hardware is being upgraded so often as compared to the home console. I predict that even the haters will find themselves playing on something like this in less than 3 years just for the simple fact that the phone that they will be carrying will be more powerfully then the current gen home console gaming system. Look out Sony, Xbox and Nintendo.

    Posted from my Nvidia Shield.