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Call of Duty Ghosts bad optimization claims after 50GB

We have a word of warning for anyone looking to buy the PC version of Call of Duty Ghosts, or indeed pick up a digital version on the upcoming Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Storage requirements may end up being an issue for some of you, as we’ve heard that the game is going to ask for 50GB of hard drive space.

That 50GB requirement relates to the PC version of the game, but don’t forget that we have only just had confirmation that Killzone Shadow Fall on the PS4 is also going to need a 50GB install when picking up the download version over disc.

The bombshell was actually revealed by NVIDIA, as the company has now officially posted the PC spec requirements for the upcoming launch on November 5. Having 50GB of hard drive space free was actually listed as a ‘minimum’ requirement as well, so PC owners should prepare to shift some files around in order to accommodate the huge install size.

Is it a bit strange though? Skyrim was a massive game, but didn’t require anywhere near as much as Call of Duty Ghosts does. We’re already seeing the backlash of this on social media boards, with many PC gamers calling Infinity Ward out on ‘bad optimization’ being the sole reasoning behind the size.

Is this a shock to you or not?
Is this a shock to you or not?

Although Sony hasn’t confirmed the download size for the PS4 version of Ghosts, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see 50GB needed as well, just like Killzone Shadow Fall. We feared it could become the standard across PS4 digital titles and now we have another piece of evidence to this possible outcome.

What is your reaction to needing 50GB of space to install Call of Duty Ghosts on PC? Do you agree that it could be down to bad optimization or not?



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