Sony PS4 with secret feature at launch

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2013

If you are planning to pick up Sony’s new PS4 console at launch and will specifically be making the transition to home console from PC, we have some excellent news for you. Sony has just confirmed that the next-gen system will have a somewhat surprise feature for fans to take advantage of, that previously hadn’t been revealed or discussed at length at trade events.

To get to the juicy gossip straight away, we can confirm that the Sony DualShock4 controller is going to work with PC games straight away at launch. There had been some fears that the new technology inside the controller wouldn’t be recognized by Windows, but Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has said that the controller will operate with ‘basic functions’ straight away without any problems.

Not for the first time, the popular Mr Yoshida has revealed new features of the PS4 on Twitter before anywhere else and we have to say that this one is a beauty. PC gamers are going to be delighted with the option of plugging in a DualShock4 to play games and don’t forget that Microsoft won’t be allowing this feature yet with the Xbox One.

It has already been confirmed that the Xbox One won’t have PC support at launch, with the company saying that this will instead come sometime in 2014 with no release timeline yet. It also makes us wonder now, with PC support added on the PS4 DualShock4, if this will mean that Steam Machine buyers will be able to play the Steam Box list of games with a PS4 controller as well – it would be a lovely option to have wouldn’t it?

Yet another point in Sony’s favor you have to say. Let us know if you will be taking full advantage of this and will play some PC titles with a PS4 controller when the system launches this November.

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  • swinny

    Yay now i no longer have to put up with the shitty Xbox controller on PC, its good for shooters(i’ll give it that)- but thats about it.

  • PhaedrusSocrates

    Oh, I’ll be using it for sure on Star Citizen and ELITE:Dangerous like games! It’s a beauty 🙂

  • Raveneff

    I’ve been using my DS3 controller for quite a while now. It’s not hard to make it usable.

  • ARealGamer

    Lol, windows finally gets dual shock support. Us mac users had this since day one.

  • Adam Persson

    Soo.. why would i buy a console if i wanted to play games on the computer? This feature might be cool, sure, but i still think it’s useless 🙂

    • Smashbro29

      You’d buy a controller, frankly the PS3 pad is not looking as good as the PS4’s especially the d-pad. Bugger version of the Vita’s? Gimme. What is it? 50 bucks? Totally worth it.