GTA V online PS3 problems endure

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2013

We are almost coming up to a month since the mighty GTA V arrived on Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles and with it, kissed goodbye to a lot of your social lives in the process. It appears however, that the online portion of the game is still suffering from teething issues, especially to those who are trying to have a stable game session when playing on PS3.

Fortunately, Rockstar has been working around the clock trying to make their GTA V Online mode as stable as it can be for everyone. We’ve already seen title updates and patches go live for the game, although the latter of which appears to have fixed up a way which allowed players to earn cash more easily.

As the cash debate brews on, most would just like to be able to play the game without having to endure crashes or freezes after a certain amount of game time. We are still getting feedback from you about this, with many of you complaining that stats are being deleted without any reason.

There’s also numerous cases of GTA V online crashing older PS3 consoles frequently as well, with one account of this provided from one user above. GTA V is obviously a very demanding game technically, but do you think that more Q&A testing should have gone out before releasing, especially with one view on those specifically downloading the game on PS3?

We should be talking constantly about how amazing GTA V is, both single-player and online, but instead little problems keep creeping in and continue to frustrate users.

How is your GTA V online experience at the moment? Has the game ever crashed your console or not?

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  • Henry Le

    i keep getting my character deleted and having to make another guy, like 5 times now . my last dude was at lvl 20 with a garage and 50gs stacked up. WTF MAAAN

  • cripper

    i get some hangs requiring hard ps3 reset. My caracter got deleted on me once, wasn’t far in so didn’t mind. Passive mode doesn’t appear to work either. In saying that the game is good fun to play and a welcome addition to anyones game collection.

  • Daza Robson

    Haven’t went online yet! ! But can even play the game at all. This keeps coming up when I click on the disc!! an error occurred during the start operation (80010514) is any one had the same problem!!!!!!

    • matthew

      3000 discs of GTA V had to go back becauser they didnt work so just return to shop for another copy

  • Oscar Rodriguez

    Ive run into the cloud storage problem or my characters getting deleted or my cash go missing, but for the most part its ok for me. One way ive been able to get online after getting some stupid error is load up a invite only session and when i get it go to the online menu n click look for new session it works 9/10 times for me when trying to get straight to a populated servers dont work.

  • El Rojo

    I havent even gone online yet, waiting for everything to smooth out. but single players does seem to freeze a lot on my ps3 slim since the last update,

  • :)

    I cant even get on online mode, cloud unavailable or some ish…single player is awesome, but they should have tested it longer, guess they didnt anticipate a billion sales, oh well least they have the revenue to fix it “eventually”

    • NgTurbo

      Patience is a virtue I’m guessing.. Rockstar is working pretty swiftly as it is.