Battlefield 4 Xbox One gameplay silences haters

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2013

After recently treating you to some early footage of Battlefield 4 running directly on the PS4 hardware, it is only fair that we now switch our attention to the Xbox One version of the game. EA and DICE may have been reluctant to show off the Xbox One version at some of the recent big trade events of the year, but we’ve discovered that the game is actually playable over in Russia at the moment and it means fresh gameplay for you to enjoy and preview.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the Xbox One version actually looks very solid, both in the gameplay department and the graphics. There has been a lot made on how DICE is capping the game to 720p resolution rather than 1080p native, but there’s no denying that the game is still going to look stunning in the living room.

It may not compare to Battlefield 4 running on ‘ultra PC settings’, but it is going to be good enough for most – and also don’t forget running at a solid 60FPS on both Xbox One and PS4 versions for the first time, with 64 player support on certain maps.

There has been a lot of criticism on the Xbox 360 version of the game looking terrible after the ongoing Battlefield 4 beta was released, but it looks like the Xbox One build is fairing a lot better. It goes without saying that the next-gen versions are much more worthwhile to play with 64 man support, but it looks like graphics are going to be improved ten fold as well for those ready to splash out either $399 or $499 for the luxury.

Zavod 311 will offer some breathtaking environments

Zavod 311 will offer some breathtaking environments

Here we have two separate videos showing the game directly on Xbox One at an event in Russia – this is the map called Zavod 311. Quality isn’t the best so we apologize in advance, but you can get a good idea of how the game will run on Xbox One.

Should the haters perhaps give DICE a break in terms of next-gen versions, based on this new evidence here?

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  • Dennie Normanton

    The video isn’t in 1080p ether to it will look even better than this when you get it.

  • Gleinardo

    I’m glad it’s running at 60fps for new consoles. I was tempting to go into PC gaming but now it looks like it can wait. 🙂

  • Mattrimkevx

    An interesting development from people scanning through the bf4 beta files is that it appears that the next gen graphics settings will use around 500mb more memory for textures than the PC version on ‘ultra’.

    • Landsharkk

      I would love to get a link or source for that finding. I’ve played BF4 (beta) on the PC on ultra settings and also seen the BF4 on Xbox One footage. I kinda though the Xbox One footage looked prettier as far as graphics, but wasn’t 100% sure because we’ve only seen off-screen recording so far.

      If the consoles are using more memory for textures, maybe my assessment was correct. Anyway, where did you read about that?

    • PaperWorkDan

      How have people managed to get their hands on the files for the next-gen beta without access to the new consoles? Or are you trying to tell us we’re needlessly downloading config files for consoles in the PC version?

      Seems like a frankly ludicrous claim.

  • Kenneth Neil Turner

    It’s painful for me to watch this guy play so poorly

  • Kalt kaiser

    Actually looks quite nice, easy to see its 60fps

    • NgTurbo

      I thought the same thing.