WWE 2K14 roster in visual tease

We have seen a number of visual teases for WWE 2K14’s roster in the last month, so today we wanted to highlight one of the most recent videos since we published details about Bret Hart and The Undertaker in classic matches. The video above only went live in the last 48 hours and it reveals some official gameplay.

PlayStation uploaded the above video to their YouTube account and it reveals some exclusive WWE 2K14 gameplay along with a tease of the games roster. The WWE 2K14 roster has been fully revealed and this means you are going to enjoy The Shield, Daniel Bryan, Ultimate Warrior, The Rock and Hulk Hogan.

WWE 2K14’s roster brings the best from past and present, so fans of all ages can enjoy WWE how it’s meant to be. If you have an argument over the better character, then decide it in the ring with present and past legends.

The release date for WWE 2K14 is October 29, but you can pre-order now if you want to also play as The Ultimate Warrior. If you want to see the full WWE 2K14 roster then we suggest you take a look at the official page containing details about each of the WWE 14 characters.



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