GTA V online patch ends easy money

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 6, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V online mode featured an easy way to make money thanks to replaying a single mission a few times to build a cash reservoir, but this ability has been stopped since the latest GTA V online patch. Some people welcomed this change to make everything more balanced, although others see it as a problem considering they enjoyed replaying a mission in GTA V to gain easy money online.

The patch Rockstar issued yesterday changed everything and has led to a debate among gamers. Some people feel that Rockstar “want everyone to buy the cash cards”, while others feel it is all about getting “players to play the rest of the missions”.

These viewpoints have split fans, so we’d love to know if you think Rockstar would go to this trouble to make gamers purchase cash cards for GTA V? Leave a comment below with your opinion.

In our opinion Rockstar should have handled this GTA V online money problem another way, and they could have changed it so playing a mission repeatedly would have reduced the amount of money you got. It is true that some gamers like to play missions again with different friends and family.

GTA V online problems after the patch – there are of course still a number of problems with online gameplay that don’t include money hoarding, so feel free to leave any issues you have found in the comments.

We have noticed a number of gamers getting their stats deleted after a session or even having connection problems trying to get online, does this happen to you?

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  • JAW

    Rock-star is a business they sold over 25 Million copies,so you could guess how much they get for there cash cards, so of course they would want everyone to buy the cash cards. 25Mil x 20.00$=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Millsy aka. UnIdEnTiFiEdMaN

    Got Online played for over 2 hours leveled up like crazy and had a decent amount of cash just from doing missions with my Crew On Social Club I get off to Record a Lets Play GTA V for youtube real quick on the single player and when i went back to it the character i JUST played with for 2 hours or more Was gone Deleted And It says Rockstars Cloud Severs Not Availble and it says i can make a temporary Character Till the Servers are Available I still had cash but it wasnt anywhere near what i had I had lets say $10,000 which isnt much amd it went from that to $6,000 and i bet if i try to go online right now it’ll be back to $0 and ill have to start all over by racing Lamar and smacking him haha but its the point I mean i aint mad or anything cause i understand it just got released and its going to have problems there are always problems Yah know and it thats just how it goes and then they fix what is wrong and then YAY we are all happy and can continue to keep playing and enjoying ourselfs, So HURRY up Rockstar Games and Fix it up Dudes So we Can See How Much Fun this Really is!

    Figured Id Share My Experience For Future Referances Cause im sure its happening to alot of people….

    Subscribe to my youtube Channel If you want to, Look up, MillsyIsThaMan420 watch the videos and If You Enjoy Them Leave a Subscribe a like or a Comment And I Thank All Who Support New Lets Players We all Thank You So Much, It is my Goal To make people laugh and make them happy or cheer them up when they are down Im a Great person, and my videos take My passion for gaming and my passion for makeing people feel better across the board in any aspect of life and put them together, I dont Talk much cause im new to this but i do make them funny and will grow to be a great lets player….. Take Care Everyone and Enjoy Your Gaming, Remeber there will always be problems and glitches that get fixed ones we enjoy and the ones we dont enjoy and its just a matter of time before they do things like this where they take away something, It happens lol has been for a long time….

  • FredVB

    can’t get online and my stats have been deleted after I opened a new session.. It’s really driving me crazy now!

  • bobby orr

    why cant i get money cards wtf!

  • Hunter

    Rockstar is way too greedy

  • Matt

    Every time I go offline and then come back on later my personal vehicle is gone and the insurance contact is also gone. today I have been haing troubles connecting p. I get a message saying “Timed out locating session. Please return to Grand Theft Auto 5 and try again later.”

  • scott

    All the upgrades on my vehicle got removed again for the second time today.

  • cosmin

    yesterday after I downloaded the patch, I was able to play and it worked quite well. But now I have the same problems that I had before the update. I can’t go online.

  • anonymous

    U can still replay press l2 or r2 when voting like dislike it will say restart

  • I Keel Zohmbeez

    If they were going to do something like this they should have just done a full reset. now you have players that werent affected by the lack of servers that have everything, aand players that were affected and have nothing at all


    whats more pathetic is they had chosen to waste time fixing the money problem, instead of working on allowing us to be able to play they game online in the first place. its like putting your shoes on before your socks!!


    Online with u1.02 has not let my character save properly, I lost 5 ranks from 17 to now 12. I saved properly and it has all my “up-to-date purchases”, but I just am rank 12 w/ 13000RP. It’s just a huge piss off really.