iOS 7 downgrade desired on school iPads

By Peter Chubb - Oct 4, 2013

If you thought Apple would learn from the issues users had with iOS 6, then you would be mistaken. Things have not gone right since the day people downloaded iOS 7, and while most of us can put up with these issues until Apple can resolve them, it is not so easy for school iPads.

When iOS 7 was unveiled Apple had promised to make things easier for schools, this is because the iPad is becoming a must have device in the classroom, and ensuring they work well in the environment is paramount. However, this latest version of the Apple mobile OS has caused a huge problem for teachers.

Before the upgrade there was supervision profiles installed on school iPads, but since installing iOS 7 those have been removed. As a result teachers have been unable to manage the iPads while unsupervised, meaning students could access inappropriate content.

Need for iOS 7 downgrade on school iPads

Need for iOS 7 downgrade on school iPads

It is for this reason why an iOS 7 downgrade is desired on school iPads by the teachers. However, this cannot be done because the feature was recently taken away from us, meaning we are no longer able to downgrade iOS 7 to a previous version.

AllThingsD has been told that schools affected by this issue have been taking all the iPads of students at the end of each day, just until Apple is able to resolve the issue. Apple has said they are working hard on a fix, although they have no time scale,

Some schools have yet to upgrade to iOS 7 and as such do not have this issue, and as a way to stop them being upgraded automatically over-the-air, they fine-tuned their DNS, which allows them to stick with iOS 6.1.3.

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  • Ryan

    if they didn’t test his on a non-production ipad before deploying it to every single one, the person running the IT department in these schools is a complete idiot and should not have this job. This isn’t news to anyone in the IT industry, new software changes the game and not everything always works right. Thats why you set up a test ipad/environment before deploying it. This is a garbage news story saying apple is the problem, when really, the IT department at any of these schools is the problem.

    • Dom

      Downgrade should be possible, though, because the newest major release is never as stable as the older one.