GTA V title update 2 inbound for PS3, Xbox 360

By Peter Chubb - Oct 4, 2013

In the past we have seen the likes of EA Sports ignore issues with their games for days until they acknowledge there is an issue, so it was nice to see Rockstar admit there were issues with GTA V Online early on. The developer has said a title update will be released shortly, possibly as soon as tomorrow and offered a few suggestions while you wait.

GTA V title update 2 inbound for PS3, Xbox 360Rockstar understand that tensions will be running high and while they work to increase servers, the developer has also said they are working on a GTA V title update for the PS3 and the Xbox 360, due to some of the issues being reported by some Online players. It is the hope this patch will be ready for today, so let us hope they are true to their word.

Some players have had no issues with the multiplayer part of Grand Theft Auto V, and so they are no doubt being smug about it to their friends. Those who still cannot play GTA V Online are working on the main story and trying to complete as many missions as possible.

We already had a new patch for GTA 5 a few days ago, where it addressed a series of issues, such as the UI, character’s money going below zero, Epsilon Program missions not working correctly, saved vehicles going missing and much more. However, it was more about allowing players access to Grand Theft Auto Online

What can we expect from GTA V title update 2? Following Patch 1, many gamers were reporting that save files were being erased, weapons were going missing, unresponsive character switching, and not being able to progress within Story Mode.

If we have missed out any problems, then please share them with our readers, thanks.

Update: The new title update for GTA Online is live for PlayStation 3, although Rockstar is still working on the Xbox 360 version in the hope of releasing it later today.

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  • Lobster

    Anyone know when the Xbox update is out? I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!

  • Alexis Van den Broeck

    When I want to do the 1.02 Update I confirm by pressing X (on PS3), and then I just get a black screen and nothing happens. Anyone else having this issue?

    • Jabberwock


      • Jabberwock

        Now working after doing a system update.

    • Pitto Pitman

      Spam X when you load the game. Something about the splash screen on GTA screws with the update.

    • Olleinleeds

      I had this too, I switched off at mains and tried again, worked perfectly and enjoyed 3 hours of gaming!

  • beans

    juss installed the update waiting now. mine was working earlier hope this doesnt change that

    • twan

      You Installed The 2N Update?

  • Bob

    It tells me that my online character file save keeps getting corrupted?

  • Carrot Top

    When will this update happen exactly? You say its going to be on the 4th of October but a time would help because all your telling us is the update could come out at any time. It could come out in 5 minutes or in 5 hours. Not really helping the stress levels bro.

    • Charlie

      Get a life.

    • Ballsack

      its out right now on ps3 xbox later 🙂