Fallout 4 unique weapons desired

By Marlon Votta - Oct 4, 2013

Although Fallout 4 hasn’t even been announced yet, most gamers are under the impression it is in development behind the scenes, and today we are looking at what fans want from the game when it is eventually confirmed. From the general opinion of gamers we understand that many want to see a more unique and extensive weapon customization from this elusive title.

As we wait patiently for the developer to confirm this is in the works speculation surrounding this game has been quite high, as there has been talk about Fallout 4 being an Xbox One exclusive and even the possibility of this being an MMO. In an article on Gaming Bolt they highlight the rumours and feel this is the right opportunity to mention a few things that could improve this in comparison to its predecessor.

In similar fashion to Dead Space 3 gamers would love the opportunity to create their own weapons and build them up from scratch, with the choice of everything from the barrel and magazine to the stock, scope, attachments and other accessories. With the notion this is a post-apocalyptic wonderland, the upgrades are hoped to be significantly varied compared to the typical weaponry.

While gamers come up with their own ideas of what they would like to see as far as weapon customization is concerned, we would love to know yours, along with your views on the possibility of an MMO release. This brings us to a recent post in which we discussed the majority not overly impressed by talk of a Fallout 4 MMO.

In this we mentioned how many gamers are not even entertaining the idea of this game arriving as a massively multiplayer online game. We questioned whether Fallout 4 would fit the MMO genre, and how many feel this game should remain a single player title.

Additionally, we also wrote about the Spike TV’s Video Game Awards in December being the last opportunity this year for the powers that be to make an official confirmation and promote the game at the same time. Additionally, we highlighted comments by Hines that said gamer should not expect any Fallout 4 news in the near future, and although many fans are not overly concerned with immediate news on this, they are hoping this title would be confirmed at least this year.

While we are keeping our fingers crossed the Spike TV event will offer some reveals we are not putting our money on it, and we will be keeping a close eye on this ceremony as well as the full list of nominees list expected in mid-November.

Do you feel Fallout has potential to work as an MMO? Or do you think this should be a separate game to Fallout 4? Alternatively, what other new improvements would you like to see?

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  • PhaedrusSocrates

    ONLY WAY I would support MMO Fallout is if Bethesda FIRST totaly impresses me with traditional single player Fallout.
    In other words, “MORE, pain in your guts, total radiation, desparation and damnation Fallout 3 style, please!!!”

  • Zac Cashman

    Agreed with the posters above.

    The one exception I would have being a cooperative mode where you could play with 1 maybe 2 friends.

  • Jesse Tronier

    Make fallout an MMO, and no more fallout for me, especially no more Bethesda games. Bethesda needs to stop being so self absorbed and care about the real fans, and not the call of duty hopped up 10 year olds.

  • IWM

    There’s a reason your character is called the LONE Wanderer in Fallout 3… MMO would completely ruin the atmosphere of these games.

    • Mike

      I am pretty sure they are aware that an MMO will be next to impossible to pull off in Fallout. But co-op is a different story. I find it hard to believe that I did not meet a new “buddy ol’ pal” before the start of the game who would love to join me in my adventures of trying to fix the world.

  • 8rand0n 8 th3 13th

    Fallout is ment to be a search and survival game. Adding MMO would kill the feel and mood of wandering around a discovering a pre-war item in perfect condition. You could just trade for things and that’s not fallout.

  • kenwood

    I definitely think that they will follow in the footsteps of The Elderscrolls and do the mmo thing. Subscriptions = more money.

    • Jesse Tronier

      Even though nobody who cares about fallout would buy it? MMO would completely demolish all of fallout, nobody would buy it….. That’s like if they made GTA a religious game, and everything is by good morals and you can’t do anything bad…. You think people will buy that? No.

    • Mike

      Why would they have 2 mmo’s compete against each other? It’s resources moved away from one to the other.

  • M$ $ony

    No MMO for FALLOUT 4! It would be an absolutely terrible idea! Fallout from the start was meant to be a single player game and it wouldn’t feel right any other way.