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Decide F1 2013 Korean Grand Prix results today

With the Korean Grand Prix’s practice times now decided we now have a long wait until practice 3, qualifying and finally the race. However, if you cannot wait that long for the F1 2013 Korean results, then you can decide them for yourself today because the video game developed by Codemasters was released today in Europe, which includes the UK.

Early reviews of this game have been promising, but it is only now when the true test begins, and if you have bought yourself the F1 2016 game, then why not try out the Korean race track because it would be nice to know someone else was going to win for a change.

We know Codemasters has no competition with this game and so some would say the developer has been lazy over the years, but there is no doubt in our mind that this Formula One game will be a hit with console fans. It would be nice to say there was a F1 2013 PS4 and Xbox One version being released, but there is no news of this.

However, the graphics are pretty awesome on the PS3 and the Xbox 360, and so maybe giving Codemasters a year to work on a next-gen version of F1 2014 would be a better choice. We have already seen developers rushing a next-gen version of their game out just for the sake of it, and the results have not been that good.

We’ve embedded three F1 2013 gameplay videos uploaded today just to get those racing juices going.



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