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Apple iPad event invitation for October 2013 imminent

With the Apple event for September behind us, we now look to this month’s event. As yet no invites have been sent out, or any clue as to when they will be, although we think we might be able to predict when we think that time will be.

Predicting the Apple iPad event invitation – We need to go back to last month and look at when the iPhone invites went out, and then see how long we had to wait for the day of the event.

Apple sent out the invitations on September 3, 2013 where they stated a date of September 10, which was a week’s notice. If we were to apply that logic for the Apple iPad event, then invitations could be sent out on October 8, if the rumors of Oct 15 are correct of course.

Don't expect a colorful invitation for the iPad event like we saw last month
Don’t expect a colorful invitation for the iPad event like we saw last month

If this is true, then we need to keep an eye on Tuesday, as this could be the day the Apple iPad event invitations are sent out. To help back up this claim, the last invites went out on a Tuesday as well, and was help the same day the following week.

Apple October 2013 event expectations – It is rather obvious that two products at the event will be the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2. However, we also expect to see the Haswell MacBook Pro, the Mac Pro and news on the public release of OS X Mavericks, which went Golden Master yesterday.



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