Rockstar issues GTA V Online fixes

By Peter Chubb - Oct 3, 2013

Many of you would have seen the topic of GTA V Online not working across many websites, this is because those who tried to get online and play the multiplayer version of Rockstar’s latest game were met with either of these two messages, “waiting for players” or “loading session”. It is certainly no secret these gamers were angry, and as such have been taking to Twitter and Facebook to express their anger.

Rockstar has officially acknowledged there are problems and they have been working around the clock to fix these problems. A quick visit on their support page shows that Rockstar has issued several GTA V Online fixes to these problems.

This will be good news for a huge number of gamers, as some of them have been unable to get online and play the multiplayer part of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Three GTA V Online Fixes

Three GTA V Online Fixes

There are three fixes in all, which you can see in the image above thanks to Venture Beat. Although they have been given a fourth GTA V Online problem fix, which we have embedded for you below.

Another GTA V Online Fix

Another GTA V Online Fix

We are not certain of the success rate of these fixes, but this is only a workaround while we await a GTA V Online update from Rockstar, although we don’t expect they will keep us waiting for long.

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  • pissed gta player

    So is that update coming out on the 4th of 5th

  • Dante Martinez

    Rockstar needs to get it together, my gta online is still glitchy amd buggy and it really pisses me off