Pokemon X and Y Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja exposed

By Alan Ng - Oct 3, 2013

Earlier this week we told you that several users had received an early copy of Pokemon X and Y and had wasted no time in providing an early look at the game, with obvious spoilers to follow. We knew that this information would eventually lead to the unveiling of the Pokemon X and Y final starter evolutions for Froakie, Chespin and Fennekin.

For those that are badly looking for this information, your search is over. We now have details on the final evolutions for you, confirming that Frogadier will evolve into Greninja (as rumored here), Quilladin evolving into Chesnaught and finally information confirming that Braixen will evolve into a creature known as Delphox.

We had to do some digging to find the information, but actually if you do some Twitter searches for the above criteria, you should already find plenty of information for the final evolutions – we won’t post the images here though for obvious reasons.

What we can do though is point you in the direction of where to find them. Stats for Chesnaught can be viewed here, confirming that the final evolution of Chespin will have attacks such as Seed Bomb, Bite, Needle Arm and Spiky Shield.

Information on Greninja was a little harder to find, but you’ll find the juicy stats image here. The move list involves attacks such as Smack Down, Lick, Water Pulse and Water Shuriken.

Last but not least, we finally have an image of the elusive Delphox to show you. You can view this here and actually we’ve seen early feedback that the design isn’t too favorable – do you agree with this? Once evolved, Delphox becomes a Psychic Fire type and gains the moves Psybeam, Light Screen, Psyshock and Mystical Fire.

Here's some custom art showing Delphox, courtesy of Sixelona

Here’s some custom art showing Delphox, courtesy of Sixelona

The names sound awesome, but what do you think of the designs? We think a lot of Pokemon fans will now be choosing Chespin, as the final evolution into Chesnaught looks great. Don’t forget this info is coming on top of an official confirmation of mega Charizard X.

The information continues to pour out, but give us your thoughts on the final evolutions that have now been exposed. Be sure to share these details with your friends.

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  • Norman Derp

    why is every one changing to chespin he looks like an expired bowser please people open your eyes

  • Jimmy

    To those saying it’s fake, how is it that a few days after 2 Canadian stores sold X and Y games early, people were posting very convincing images(different angles, pokédex, Pokemon-amie, actual VIDEOS of the pokemon evolving, etc.) of the game and pokemon and why did Nintendo start to get pissed off when these leaks were all over the Internet on that same day the games were sold early? Nintendo even sent people over to those stores to stop them from selling it, recalled the games, and tried their best to stop the leakers from leaking.

  • Vayu Purana

    having a male fire starter for this gen will just seem awkward….unless they’re a drag queen, then it would be awesome

  • Brandon J Rimes

    Delphox looks like a cousin of Renamon as for the others I hope there not the final evolutions of the starter pokemon.

  • Phyx

    fluffpudge, sorry!

  • Phyx

    Nargony, I hope you are right. But it is still unlikely. However, Chesnaught is not coherent regarding its previous forms. It just can’t be…

  • Phorus

    It can’t be… I have a slight hope because these final forms are not coherent with the previous ones (especially Chesnaught) and, in addition, they are very ugly. I hope Nintendo will release other evolutions, but it is very unlikely now… Unfortunetaly.

  • fluffpudge

    I personally believe it is too early to call these confirmed. While some users did get the games early, other screenshots of other faux final evolutions have been passed around- these ones aren’t exactly exempt. Maybe they are real, but until Nintendo themselves confirms the final evolutions, I don’t think I’m going to believe these are it. I’m totally cool with how they look, but I feel something is off about them.

  • Nargony

    I wan’t to believe they’re all fake so badly, my level of disappointment is sky high, but at the same time, too much is talking for these being the real deal. I feel like their style is a bit wrong though…

  • Joseph Sparkle


  • Furyous D

    if these are real im sticking with my original choice in fenikin i mean wft is with grenija and words cant even explain haw messed up chesnaught is 🙁

  • RiseAgainst1219

    Greninja looks super gay with that tongue scarf thing. Epic failure on that one… I was gonna go with Froakie to start off with, but now I think I’m gonna just suffer through Quilladin and go with Chesnaught

  • Cross EMS

    Delphox looks beast.

  • TheAverageGuyTAG

    Yeah….yeah, I think I found a new favorite starter in Greninja.

  • Bob

    I think chesnaught at least is fake, why would its arm go over a move name?

    • hypern

      chesnaught is fake its too obvious the design is too not “chepin-ish” enough

      • Bonshe

        Do not claim that something is fake unless you have enough proof.

        • Jesse

          ummm sir or madam, someone can say something is fake if they want to. it is not your place to tell someone what they can or cannot believe because there is no proof!

        • fluffpudge

          Well the same could be said towards claiming that something is real! Just because there’s an image or seconds-short video clip doesn’t mean that it’s real either, haha; people have the technology to fake stuff. We’ll all just have to wait and see.

  • Passerby

    Oh wow. That Delphox fanart managed to salvage the design for me, at least a little.
    Thanks Six! As always, you’re super rad. 😀

  • R Joy

    I really hope these are fake……. they all seem off a bit, where is Chesnaught’s greenery? All previous grass finals have some plant/flower/leaf SOMETHING on them. And where is the Delphox’s fire? Again, all prev fire starter finals have fire on their body somewhere, tail, neck, wrist, head, shoulders… Greninja gained alot of triangles and straight lines in his face, lost his unique bubbles and gained white spots but hes part dart type now… geez WTF gigantic disappointment… altho i have yet to see video / animations, hopefully they are fake or one will grow on me, really wanted fennekin, oh well, its just you and me bulbasaur, lets hope you get an X megastone and yours is just as bad ass as the other two X megas

    • Bonshe

      You know that you’re not forced to evolve your starter, right?

      • HJB

        But that completely detracts from the game, so to suggest that is ridiculous

        • Bonshe

          How does it detract from the game?

        • Jackson

          The stats don’t go up, and you don’t learn specific moves.

    • Monkey face

      Blaziken doesn’t have fire anywhere on his body so that disproves your point about fire types

      • J

        Blaziken has fire coming out of its wrist sometimes.

    • Monkey face

      Bnt. I agree with your other points

  • Bob


  • Dialzza

    Anyone noticed that most starters keep something with their name throughout their evo line? i.e. char-something, the snivy line all starting with S, and any time this rule was broken it was broken in evo 2, not only in evo 3. BUT, we have fennekin and braixen- the “kin” sound at the end, delphox drops that. We have froakie and frogadier, with the “fro” sound at the beginning- greninja sounds nothing similar, and we have chespin and quilladin- “in” at the end…. Chesnaught? those evo names make no sense, especially chespin dropping the “ches” in 2nd form and adding it in the final… plus the typing makes no sense for chesnaught. I SAY FAKE (honestly it’s not that hard to 3d model anything and then put it into a bitmap, then put it onto a 3ds image…)

    • Niio

      Squirtle – Wartotle- Blastoise
      piplup – Prinplup – Empoleon
      Totodile – Crocnaw – Feraligatr
      Mudkip – Marshtomp (or so lol) – Swampert
      .. shall i go on lol

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    Doesn’t even matter! We all get Kanto starters anyways! #TeamKanto!!!

  • TDS


    • Vayu Purana

      *quote the naruto sage mode toad sensei jokes*

  • gman032

    I’ve been a Chespin fan since the beginning. But I kinda feel like it was too drastic of a change from Quilladin to Chesnaught. Don’t get me wrong, I still want Chespin, but it still feels…..off.

    • Black Charizard

      I’m personally glad that they ditched Quilladin’s design. The length of Chesnaught’s arms annoys me, though.

  • pokelover182837282&

    These are not confirmed by Nintendo, they are not official yet. We have seen fake leaks like this before and I choose not to believe these are legitimate. It’s unprofessional of these sites to say that these leaks “confirm” the final evolutions of the gen 6 starters, as it has not been officially released information by Game Freak themselves.

    • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

      Bro these are early screenshots. How can they NOT be real?

      • HJB

        Because they might not be screenshots, but fakes… How is that hard to understand? Until it’s officially confirmed, there’s no way of knowing that these definitely aren’t fake.

        • Soumitra Sarkar

          There’s a video online of Braixen evolving into Delphox online.

        • fluffpudge

          However, people have the technology to create 3D models of these pokemon, if they so wished. Until Nintendo confirms these to be the final evolutions, I’m not going to buy into it. I’m not entirely disappointed with them, but the evolutions seem a bit off, and other people are also taking note of this.

  • PikaSqeak

    Team Chesnaght!!!!!! Yep they righted their wrong on Quilladin

  • PinkerinaPiejr.

    Delphox is cool but if the other 2 are real i’m so dissapointed. Frogadier had so much potential and Quilladin had one chance to right a wrong smh. Oh well sorry froakie but #TeamFennekin

  • Jingleheimmer

    The only real one is Delphox because its model is 3D! The other two pictures are drawn and only look 2D.

    • Bonshe

      Are you stupid?

  • Guest

    They ruined it with the final started evolutions they could have made them much better. Chespin, and frokies second evo’s looked so awesome. Dissapionted in the way they turned out.

    • Adeiza Badams

      You forgot to add “in my opinion”

    • NgTurbo

      Yeah, Nintendo cannot please everyone I guess 🙂

    • Soumitra Sarkar

      I think Greninja is so sick.

    • Kokujo Report

      Lol how did they ruin Qulliladen if anything they made him 10xbetter