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Pokemon X and Y Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja exposed

Earlier this week we told you that several users had received an early copy of Pokemon X and Y and had wasted no time in providing an early look at the game, with obvious spoilers to follow. We knew that this information would eventually lead to the unveiling of the Pokemon X and Y final starter evolutions for Froakie, Chespin and Fennekin.

For those that are badly looking for this information, your search is over. We now have details on the final evolutions for you, confirming that Frogadier will evolve into Greninja (as rumored here), Quilladin evolving into Chesnaught and finally information confirming that Braixen will evolve into a creature known as Delphox.

We had to do some digging to find the information, but actually if you do some Twitter searches for the above criteria, you should already find plenty of information for the final evolutions – we won’t post the images here though for obvious reasons.

What we can do though is point you in the direction of where to find them. Stats for Chesnaught can be viewed here, confirming that the final evolution of Chespin will have attacks such as Seed Bomb, Bite, Needle Arm and Spiky Shield.

Information on Greninja was a little harder to find, but you’ll find the juicy stats image here. The move list involves attacks such as Smack Down, Lick, Water Pulse and Water Shuriken.

Last but not least, we finally have an image of the elusive Delphox to show you. You can view this here and actually we’ve seen early feedback that the design isn’t too favorable – do you agree with this? Once evolved, Delphox becomes a Psychic Fire type and gains the moves Psybeam, Light Screen, Psyshock and Mystical Fire.

Here's some custom art showing Delphox, courtesy of Sixelona
Here’s some custom art showing Delphox, courtesy of Sixelona

The names sound awesome, but what do you think of the designs? We think a lot of Pokemon fans will now be choosing Chespin, as the final evolution into Chesnaught looks great. Don’t forget this info is coming on top of an official confirmation of mega Charizard X.

The information continues to pour out, but give us your thoughts on the final evolutions that have now been exposed. Be sure to share these details with your friends.



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