Onyx Bentley GTVX concept car

We’ve seen so many vehicles get the Onyx treatment, and the latest is Bentley. Even though the vehicle already had a luxury yet sporty look, it was obvious tuning companies would want to see what the vehicle was really capable of, if they had the chance.

The amazing Onyx Bentley GTVX concept car was recently unveiled and looking at the images, well it has taken our breath away. It’s not just images being showcased, as Onyx has shared details of what we can expect from the car.

2014 Bentley GTVX Edition specs from Onyx are truly special, which revolves around the V8 engine that will produce around 600 horsepower. We don’t have all the performance figures, but we are told the Onyx Bentley GTVX 0-60 mph time will be less than 4 seconds, which is impressive for a car of this size.

ONYX Bentley Continental GTVX concept revealed
ONYX Bentley Continental GTVX concept revealed

No doubt the engine would have been tuned along with a number of weight saving measures to help improve power to weight ratio. We can already see proof of this with some lovely carbon and polycarbonate exterior design flares.

Speaking of that exterior, this has undergone a lot of refining in the wind tunnel to get the most from the design, and visiting the Onyx website you will notice how radical the change is.

With the increase in power, and those weight saving measures will mean the 2014 Bentley GTX Edition handling will be far better than the standard model.

As yet there is no Onyx Bentley GTVX price or any other spec details, but the tuning company will release these details very soon, or so we hope.



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