Nintendo Direct October update satisfies fans

If you didn’t manage to watch the Nintendo Direct update for October 2013, then take a look now by watching the above video. Overall this games update from Satoru Iwata satisfied fans, although some gamers were upset over Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze being delayed once again.

Highlights for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS included Super Mario 3D World getting a November 22 release date in North America, and also Super Smash Bros. arriving in 2014 with a return from Sonic.

We also saw an announcement for Wii Party U’s House Party mode and since the Nintendo Direct news; you would have seen Pikmin 3 gain a software update with a new Mission Mode stage along with additional paid stages via DLC.

Take a look at the latest Nintendo Direct update in the above video that runs for just under 30 minutes. It is worth noting this video also contains a lot of gameplay for different games and updates.

Do you think Nintendo has the best game ideas, or are they lagging behind Sony and Microsoft? Are you disappointed with the Donkey Kong Country launch setback?



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