Metal Gear Rising PC update with graphics preview

We haven’t heard any details on the progress of Metal Gear Rising for the PC, despite the fact that console versions have been out over half a year ago. Fans are desperate to hear anything official regarding the PC version and you’ll be pleased to know that the great Hideo Kojima has given fans a brief, but most welcome update on the game.

Unfortunately, we still can’t bring you a Metal Gear Rising PC release date. Kojima isn’t willing to give out this kind of information yet, but what he has done is provide the very first glimpse of graphics potential on the enhanced PC version.

He has taken to Twitter to share an image of the game running on PC, specifically showing some of the beautiful lighting and shadow effects that you can expect to see. Kojima is also impressed with what he sees, as don’t forget the game is being developed by Platinum Games and he is just serving as an executive producer.

Fans can be excused for getting a little frustrated over the situation, as no-one would have been expecting a six-month plus delay for a PC version. It almost echoes what is going on with GTA V at the moment, but then again at least Platinum Games and Konami are showing evidence of the game in development since it’s not a secret like GTA V on PC is.

Back to the main point though, feast your eyes on the image above. It shows Kojima’s preview of the game, with the man himself looking very pleased with the project so far. The graphics look lovely we have to say and we can only hope that this preview is an indication that a PC demo may be available soon.

Hopefully we can also assume that the game will be running at 1080p native and 60FPS constant without breaking a sweat. It seems like a technical barrier is still preventing this from happening on next-gen consoles, so let’s see what Platinum Games can do with Metal Gear Rising on the PC compared to console.

Are you still looking out for this game or has the wait been too long?



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