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LG Ultra HD TV low-end lineup to expand in 2014

Whenever there is a consumer electronics show there seems to be an insatiable need to bring out bigger and better TVs, and while this is great for those with a mountain of cash, what about the everyday consumer? LG might have the answer for you because they know those of you on a tight budget are the main source of their sales.

Some of the biggest TV makers like LG, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic have all released some amazing TVs over the years, and when new technology is released, they are usually very large screens, which means you will be paying a premium for the privilege of having such technology.

If you are on a budget, then we have some good new for you, as the LG Ultra HD TV low-end lineup is set to expand for 2014. One of the reasons they have not embraced these smaller screens as much is because there has been a huge demand for smaller screens, and so this has led to a shortage in TV production.

However, according to Slash Gear, LG aims to get on top of this next year with an emphasis on “value-added” and “premium” displays. From next year Ultra High Definition displays will be produced in much higher numbers for their LCD lineup, which is perfect for those looking for TVs at the lower end of the market.

We have to wonder how long it will be before Samsung thinks of doing the same because we have seen time and again if they cannot think of something first, they do not mind copying what a rival is doing, although they will vary things a little to make it different.



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