iPad mini 2 specs with S / C strategy

By Peter Chubb - Oct 3, 2013

We know with almost certainty that Apple will hold an event later this month, which is when we expect them to unveil the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, although we cannot be certain of their release dates because there have been rumors these could be staggered, due to production issues.

Whatever happens, we should see the iPad mini 2 released either later this month or early in November. The iPad mini 2 specs have been discussed on a number of occasions, but we find it interesting that Martin Hajek has been mulling over the possibility of Apple going down the iPhone 5S and 5C route and offering two variants of their smaller tablet.

He has created an iPad mini 2S concept image, as well as an iPad Mini 2C render, and it not only gives you food for thought, but shows the so-called cheaper model in a far brighter color than we have seen leaked over the past few weeks, such as gold and space gray.

Possible iPad mini 2C model

Possible iPad mini 2C model

While the concept images are not that great in showing what a cheaper iPad mini 2 could look like, it kind of makes sense. Okay, so we know the iPad mini is much cheaper than its big brother, but it is still too expensive in a market that has just got a whole lot tougher with the release of the 2103 Nexus 7 and the all-new Kindle Fire HDX.

Both these tablets are far cheaper than the current iPad mini, and with rumors of the 2nd generation costing a little more because of improved hardware, a more budget friendly version would not only be welcome, but needed as well. Apple might also have to compete with a possible 7-inch Surface mini device, and to help them stay ahead maybe Apple should release an official iPad mini 2 magnetic case.

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