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DJ Max Technika Tune DLC taking forever

If you own a PS Vita and are a big fan of rhythm games, there’s a good chance that you have already picked up the excellent DJ Max Technika Tune game. The title is somewhat a hidden gem for Sony’s handheld, but after a period of time since release, many fans are wondering what is going on with relation to initially promised DLC.

DJ Max is a Korean series that should be familiar to all rhythm music game fans. Successful games on the old PSP have paved the way for Sony to finally give the green light on a PS Vita version of a current arcade classic, but it seems like the game is in danger of being forgotten about altogether.

We’ve noticed that there is a new version of DJ Max Technika coming out, called Q which is scheduled for release on smartphones and the popular mobile app Kakao. While this is obviously good for those who haven’t played the series yet on mobile, it’s a little alarming that we are hearing about new DJ Max games without first hearing about planned DLC for Technika Tune.

Pentavision had initially said that additional songs would be available after the game released, songs that would release as DLC and presumably would be a selection of the endless back catalog of DJ Max tracks seen on PC, arcade and other iterations of the game.

Where is the promised DLC Pentavision?
Where is the promised DLC Pentavision?

However we have heard nothing and it is a bit disappointing to say the least, for those that specifically bought the game under the assumption that it would be a game that featured frequent post-release support.

We’re sure Pentavision do not want to be the company that is known for bringing out a quick ‘cash-in’ game on the PS Vita, since DJ Max Technika Tune is basically a port from the existing game out in the arcades at the moment.

Do you have this wonderful game? If so, let us know if you were expecting to see some DLC as well. Space of Soul would be a fantastic addition we feel.



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