Battlefield 4 server connection problems after beta

The Battlefield 4 beta is now live across all platforms and for many gamers it has been a long time in the waiting. Unfortunately though and rather unsurprisingly, we’re hearing early feedback on Battlefield 4 beta connection problems – with a lot of gamers still actually waiting to play the game, because they cannot join any servers at all.

As far as we can see, it looks like this isn’t just a small problem either. EA would have known that there would be massive interest in the Battlefield 4 beta, but it looks like there still isn’t a fool proof way to deal with unprecedented server demand – just look what happened with GTA V.

We’ve had complaints from users stating that they haven’t been able to enter servers for many hours, with many users getting the message “Battlefield 4 beta has stopped responding”. Another disappointing thing to note, is that the official Battlefield Twitter page makes no mention of the server problems that a lot of gamers are facing.

Instead, the developer has taken to their official forums on Battlelog, to provide a useful list of current known bugs that they have noted across all three platforms of the game. As expected, the number of bugs are plentiful as with any other Battlefield game, but again there’s no mention on problems involving actually getting into the servers and long periods of waiting time.

You can find the full list of official known bugs over here via Eurogamer. Here though, we’ve included some evidence of those who can’t even join a game.

We all knew October 1 was going to be a fantastic occasion, but has your mood now turned a little sour after your first experiences of Battlefield 4? Give us your thoughts below.



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