Steam Controller on the sofa

By Peter Chubb - Oct 2, 2013

Steam has been hard at work trying to improve the gaming experience with their Steambox consoles, but they realize there is a missing link between the desktop and the living room. However, they believe they now have a solution, and that is the Steam Controller.

The Steam Controller will bring their gaming experience to the sofa and while it sounds like a great step for the company, they do have some tough competition in the console market, and even more so as the next-gen consoles are due to be released next month.

Looking at the image above you will notice the Steam Controller design is very similar to what the PS4 and Xbox One have, but there is a huge difference, no thumbsticks. Instead, we have dual trackpads with haptic features, so you will be able to feel the sensation of games through your fingers.

From a distance they look like speakers, and this isn’t a bad thing because the Steam Controller is a thing of beauty. It is the hope that gamers who prefer to use a mouse and keyboard will warm to this design because it should be able to work with all Steam games, even the old titles.

Steam Controller configurations

Steam Controller configurations

With traditional gamepads the gamer is forced to agree to compromises, something Steam feels is very wrong and so set out to improve and also resolve issues with standard controllers. They believe what they have developed is far more superior than what is on offer today because there is now a low-latency performance, something all gamers hope for.

To complement the dual trackpads is a touch-enabled controller in the center, which will allow for a number of actions, doing away with the need for physical buttons.

We know you will have so many questions, so more details of this can be found in the image above and on the Steam website.

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  • All Too Hard

    Damn. I just wanted console style gaming on a high end Steam Box with access to games on Steam. Not this. It is far too much like mouse/keyboard gaming with infinite button mapping….all too hard…that’s why I cant be arsed PC gaming. And that’s why it looks like this will be doomed to fail…unfortunately. People looking for convenience (me) will not get on board and people into micromanagement but flexibility and high specs (PC gamers) will just hook their PC up to a large TV (if that’s what they want). Only serious Vlve fanboys will be picking this up 🙁