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Pokemon X and Y Mega Charizard X stats before release

With under ten days to go until the glorious release of Pokemon X and Y, the excitement level has now reached fever pitch as many brand new Pokemon trainers prepare to start their adventure all over again. Many new Pokemon are waiting for players to find and capture them, but now we have news of a massive new Pokemon that will be available for those picking up Pokemon X specifically.

A few weeks ago, we told you the amazing news that Charizard would be in Pokemon X and Y and that the fiery beast would have a mega evolution. Now, it gets even better with official confirmation from Nintendo that there will be a second mega evolution for the creature.

Now, we can tell you that both versions of the game will be getting a mega evolution. You can buy Pokemon Y for the mega Charizard Y version which looks like the images that we have seen over the last two weeks, but now there will be a secret blue version as well – for those buying Pokemon X.

Mega Charizard X looks completely bad ass as well and the creature will come with a separate special ability compared to the Y variant. Picking up the blue Charizard will give you access to the Tough Claws ability – a move that can boost all attack power simply by direct contact.

Look at the fearsome beast
Look at the fearsome beast

You can see a direct image of mega Charizard X in the image above, while we’ve picked out the official stats for you in another teaser image as well. The question is though – are you now planning to pick up Pokeomon X just to obtain the blue version of mega Charizard?

Difficult decisions await you Pokemon trainers. Give us your reaction to this below.



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