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MacBook Air and Pro battery not charging fix

The MacBook Air and Pro battery not charging issue has been a huge concern for owners and no doubt this long awaited fix will be a huge relief to them. Yesterday, Apple released a series of SMC updates, one for each device affected by this problem.

Three Apple devices were affected in all; those were the MacBook Pro, the Pro with Retina and finally the MacBook Air. Although this is only a minor patch, it created huge problems because in many cases the battery would often drain to zero and they could not be charged.

We cannot be certain how widespread this issue was, but from the responses on the Apple Support Community there were a few. It is for this reason why you are advised to download and install this update at your earliest opportunity.

New update for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina
New update for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina

Update is recommended for all 2012 and later MacBooks. However, you need to be cautious of this firmware update because this could lead to other issues. We have seen several problems arise following a firmware update, such as fans working incorrectly, freezing and much more.

However, if they are having battery issues, then an update is required, you just need to be prepared for something else to go wrong. You only need to look at the latest iOS 7.0.2 update, which has caused all kinds of problems.

Details of these SMC downloads can be found here.



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