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iOS 7 AirDrop distance varies

The chances of the iPad 5 or mini 2 coming with NFC is slim to none, but Apple has shown with their recent product launches the technology is not a huge deal to them right now. There are other ways to help improve user experience without adding extra hardware that would no doubt decrease battery life.

We have already discussed Apple’s latest feature, AirDrop on many occasions, which was introduced with the release of iOS 7. We already know AirDrop to Mac with Mavericks is desired, and we have shown you a demo of the new sharing featuring running on the iPad, but we have failed to answer one question that seems to come up time and again.

iOS 7 AirDrop distance – There is not a simple answer to this really because iOS 7 AirDrop range on your iPad varies because not all homes, apartments and rooms are the same, much like Wi-Fi in that sense. However, based on what Apple has said you should expect your iPad and other iOS devices to make use of AirDrop up to 100 meters. Remember, this is only a guide, and so could be far less than that. However, that sort of distance would be more than enough in most situations.

iOS 7 AirDrop distant for iPad will vary
iOS 7 AirDrop distant for iPad will vary

There have been concerns that iOS 7 can be a drain on battery life, and if you need to get more from your iPad battery during the day, then you are advised to turn AirDrop off. Turning iOS features off is nothing new, neither is it with Android. Why would you want to keep a feature on if you have no use for it at the time, you would not keep your lights on at home or your TV when you are not using them?

AirDrop is one of those new features that some of us have no need for, and while it does sound pretty cool and makes it easy to share photos etc., with friends, some people haven’t even tried it.



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