GTA V DLC ideas after Beach Bum pack

By Alan Ng - Oct 2, 2013

With GTA Online now live, fans all around the world have yet another excuse to pour countless hours into Rockstar’s recently released super game. As good as GTA Online is though, some gamers who have already completed the GTA V story mode are now thinking about what lies ahead for the game in terms of GTA V DLC ideas.

The good news, is that it looks like Rockstar are going to be giving out frequent news updates regarding DLC and not make gamers wait too long out of sheer frustration as we see other developers do so often. We have an example of this already, with Rockstar confirming early that the first notable DLC pack for the game is going to be a free download.

If you head to their website here, you’ll see that Rockstar has already announced that a Beach Bum pack will become available for GTA V very soon. For a free piece of DLC, it will contain some fantastic new additions to the game that Rockstar could have very easily charged a small fee for.

These include no fewer than 300 new leisure wear items to equip, 4 generous new beach-themed vehicles and also 2 brand new weapons to explore. At the moment there is no release date for the Beach Bum DLC pack, but we think you’ll agree with us in saying that Rockstar can take as long as they need if they are going to offer this for free.

What can Rockstar do to seduce you in terms of DLC?

What can Rockstar do to seduce you in terms of DLC?

If this is planned as a free update, it does make us wonder what Rockstar has in store for GTA V players with regards to paid DLC. We saw some massive expansions for GTA IV, so do you think Rockstar will follow the same route and just charge for expansions and keep the small updates free?

It could be a great way to keep everyone happy after the micro-transactions debate. Let us know your best GTA V DLC ideas below – what would you be happy to pay for on the game as extra content?

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  • b-rad

    I would love to see them advance the “crew” abilities. to where if your crew was large enough you could take over a certain area/territory i.e. where the ballas rep and then have the AI ballas now your underlings portecting you and your crew in free mode while in your territory. it would make hits/bounty that much more fun.

    also i would love a COMPLETE TATTOO DLC i would pay for it only because im a tatto junkie. or a tattoo creator similar to the content creator or something with lots of options. i have two full sleeves and would like my in game character to have them as well but those tattoos are not to intricate for the character

  • PTOP

    character: more hair options, facial hair etc. i want a big beard (like Trevor’s; the jerry/Gerry however it’s spelt) it aint right to keep that from a man. more clothes, rather than just colour variations of the same thing over and over. There’s a lot of really normal clothes and nothing that really makes your character stand out and feel like your own, which is what you want when you’ve created a character. The fact that you have to unlock clothes i find a little strange, there are other, more worthy things to unlock but personally, i think you should just make the better clothes a ridiculous price if you want people to work for it.

    Game: Gang Hideout missions, like the gang attacks but with more depth and maybe it could be like a protect the castle type scenario with two teams. a system like in red dead where you could be in a gang with your friends during free roam and not accidentally shoot or hit them. Destruction derby would be cool and maybe a fight club where you can watch and bet cash or compete and bet. Burglaries, like in San Andreas just in mission form for up to two people online or something. the ability to trade as much cash as you would like between your friends.

    Vehicle: a vehicle with wrecking ball, could be fun and considering theres a tank it wouldn’t be too imbalanced . Monster truck. the tug boat from 4 would be funny. a cargo plane that you can take your friends in with vehicles and stuff would be cool. Spitfire. a shunt that can be fitted to larger cars like SUV. motorbike with sidecar. Delorean, and maybe the 1960’s batmobile.

    Weapons: A big magnum like off vice city, and maybe a snub nose 32, personal preference really.
    flamethrower, double barrel shotgun. harpoon, machete, sledgehammer. its unorthodox, but a bow and arrow like a tech bow maybe with explosive arrows and other options?

  • Leace

    I would like for the new vehicles – hovercraft, Hydra
    that can take off and land vertically, a more functional Rhino that can destroy more
    vehicles driving over them unaffected (like saints row the third kind of tank
    when driving over cars) Beach buggy with parachute/hanglider and propeller in
    the back so you can ride on land and fly, big yacht with helicopter spot. A Dumper
    (HVY Dump) that can tolerate more damage. Drivable train, insanely fast racing
    speed boat.

    Gadgets, like in Vice city you had RC helicopters with
    guns and planes and a mini tank, that would be a great thing to put into
    Ammu-Nation stores to buy.

    AND I WANT THE JETPAK BACK!”!! it was so freakin

    Online Safe house Caravan, so you can drive around in
    your home xD

    Character: always nice with more clothes to choose
    from, but I would also like a more personalized face to my character, (like the
    options you have in the saints row games) or maybe if you got a PlayStation eye
    that you can get your own face on your online character would be awesome!

    A Military outfit so you have the ability to go into a
    military base and steal some military vehicles without getting caught, (must be
    expensive for the outfit I think)

    Additional to Los Santos Customs:

    Rocket seat on the passenger seat in front (if you don’t
    want someone to sit in your car)

    Vinyl and more stuff to personalize your vehicles.

    Front and Back grip
    on tires to make drift cars.

  • carl$$$$

    Guest that would be awesome if they would do that I would pay alot of money if they would do that! And have a lot of missions,gangwars to take over territories and fight for your hood and recruit gang members like u said

  • Guest

    A new chapter, like the balad of gay tony or lost and damned except u play as lamar and you help the families ge bac on their feet and mabe take back grove

  • Bttrpo

    Future DLC should be something like a “criminals” pack. It would feature new head wear such as balaclavas and bandanas to cover your face. It would focus on more tactical gear such as urban camo AND A HOODIE WITH ITS ACTUAL HOOD UP TO CONCEAL THE FACE. I would like to be able to put my hood up and down as headwear and wear a mask like a balaclava at the same time. It would make you seem much more like a robber or criminal that way when doing jobs/heists. Maybe cool things like the gas mask from the game so you can use tear gas on gas stations or businesses then go in and rob them. That is just a few ideas.

  • Who I Is

    Its almost ridiculously obvious that San ferrio (sp) and las venturas should be dlc. It’s also painstakingly obvious that a casino heist should be somehow incorporated in las venturas.

  • Bence

    New story heist or heists, fun new weapons (flamethrower, chainsaw, katana, landmines etc.), new vehicles (APC, hovercraft, WWII fighter with working guns), anything goes! 🙂

    • cripper

      a tunnelling machine (ala teenage mutant ninja turtles) might be fun

  • Ryan

    I think they need new heists to pull off like the Casino in the city we can’t enter, extort money from a billionaire since their is property that cost way more that what you make off of the other heists, even rob from the police evidence locker would be cool.

  • cripper

    i know it has been done to death, but a zombie attack DLC would make me part with $20 all day every day

    • NgTurbo

      Easy money for Rockstar.. and people would still be all over it.

  • blazebane

    I wouldn’t give rockstar anything till they get me a full version of gta5 one that works completly like online or chop the dog (android) but hey I only already paid in full for this b
    Hell I payed them in febuary I belive jeez

  • Cody

    A complete hot rod pack that you could make rat rods and dress in 50’s style clothes and have awesome rides to terrorize the town in!

    • NgTurbo


  • brandon

    Niko Bellic coming to town with. ?Roman?, Brucie & other aquaintances. Packie’s already in town, so it would be cool if we could play as him with his own storylines.

    • NgTurbo

      So you’d pay $20 for this content Brandon?