Google In 1998 up there with Pacman

Last week Google celebrated 15 years of its search engine, and rather than go for a traditional Doodle they wanted to do something different. What we got was something very special when Google In 1998 was typed into their search engine, as results showed up as if we were back in 1998.

Okay, so we know they also had an interactive Doodle that appeared on the homepage, which you could smash open, but it was the retro search results we loved the most, and we believe it is up there with Pacman in May 21, 2010, which was considered the best Google Doodle by most of us.

Google has made many changes to its search engine over the years, but seeing this old, yet simplified look makes us wish they did not make as many changes.

We know things have to change, and you can clearly see that just by the Google in 1998 result because there were only 234,000 results back then, now there are 9,450,000,000. This shows us two things, there are more websites now, and secondly search engine technology has improved, although the simplified look is still missed.

If some of you feel as though this is a little boring – which it is not – then what about Atari Breakout, which was also considered one of the most successful Google Doodles in years, and is on par with the Pacman Doodle?



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