FIFA 14 problems include lag, graphics and gameplay

We had the same in 2011 and also in 2012, so it came as no surprise to us that FIFA 14 would suffer from a few of the same problems. The annual lag issue is back with a vengeance, and even though EA Sports has promised to resolve it, you have to wonder why these were not fixed in the beta stage, as they already have form with this matter?

FIFA 14 had all the hallmarks of being the best of the franchise to date, yet it seems as though the developer has wasted a good opportunity. We find it funny when we hear from some of our readers that they are certain a demo copy was put in their case by mistake; that’s how bad some of them believe the game is.

Having asked several people who were excited about the release of FIFA 14, having played the game for several days they picked out a few of the main FIFA 14 problems, which consists of lag, graphics and gameplay (which promised to be far better), although the issues go much deeper than that.

There are several websites talking about these very issues, such as Masonic Gamer and They both share the opinion that FIFA as a franchise is heading in the wrong direction, so it seems as though there is far more wrong with the game than a few issues.

If this is the case, then no FIFA 14 update will rectify it, although we are sure they are being too harsh and no doubt once some of these issues are resolved fans will be able to get on and enjoy the game. Surely these problems are getting in the way of gamers finding out the true potential of FIFA 14?



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