OS X Mavericks release date bewilderment

By Peter Chubb - Oct 1, 2013

Right now there are millions of you looking at when the OS X Mavericks release date will be because Apple has yet to give us a sign. We thought they would have given us a little hint during their iPhone event last month, but it was clear from the starts this was just for the new phone and its hardware. We were even shocked to see a new iMac 2013 refresh last week, as we assumed this would become available once the new OS was ready.

We would like to tell you we know when OS X Mavericks will be ready to download, but the truth is, we do not and neither does anyone else. However, there are some websites out there predicating when the new software will be released, and the smart money would be the end of next month as this is when the 2013 MacBook Pro with Haswell is expected to be released.

Then again, we have to remember Apple is not afraid to release a new product without Mavericks on it. Some people are asking why the delay, but it is not delayed. What we mean by this is how can it be delayed when Apple has only stated OS X 10.9 Mavericks will be obtainable in the fall?

Lack of news leads to OS X Mavericks release date confusion

Lack of news leads to OS X Mavericks release date confusion

A release date of the end of October is pure guesswork, and because some of the team had to be pulled off to help get iOS 7 ready, Mavericks might not be released until October. There have been rumors suggesting the new operating system will be like iOS 7, but we think it is too late in the day for that, especially when developers have already seen builds of it.

OS XI could be the next big OS update and with it could be a complete revamp in terms of design, and so could look very much like iOS 8.

What we do find strange though is how much later in the year it will be released when compared to OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion, which had its initial release in June 2012.

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  • Bobby Nichols

    It would be OS 11 not OS X 11. The X in OS X stands for 10.

    • Pilgrim_UK

      Or it Could be OSXI

    • Recep_Baltas

      Learn the Roman numerals man 🙂