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Libratone Loop wireless speaker price isn’t cheap

When it comes to high-quality speakers with a high attention to detail and design, Libratone are that company. Their designs are unmistakable and the latest Loop wireless speaker is a fine example of that. However, like their other range of speakers there is one issue you need to consider, and that is price.

When you think of speakers, black ugly boxes come to mind, but there are a few companies that think out of the box because the latest speaker technology means you are no longer dictated by design.

Libratone’s Loop wireless speaker is round in design, but unlike other speakers with a similar design, this model is also very thin as well, giving you greater choice when choosing a place to put it such as hanging it on a wall.

The Verge has had a little look at the new speaker from Libratone and feel as though it looks rather similar to Apple’s puck mouse from several years ago. This is not a bad thing because it performance a different purpose than the mouse, which is why they can get away with the design.

While the Libratone Loop might look nice placed on a shelf or desk, the audio quality is far better when hung on a wall because it will help increase bass. The speaker produces 120 watts of sound, and although this is good, it will not replace your sound system.

We can see this being an issue for some because the Libratone Loop wireless speaker price isn’t cheap, as it costs $499.99. If you want a speaker with decent sound and a beautiful design then the Loop is it, just remember it is not going to be a permanent replacement for your main sound system.



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