iPad mini 2 price hike depends on specs

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 1, 2013

We have every reason to believe that Apple will aim to launch the iPad mini 2 at an event in October with the same price as the first generation, although there are some people that feel this might not be the case. If we see the iPad mini 2 land with a fingerprint sensor and other new features, then these additions could push up the second-generation iPad mini price.

The current iPad mini retails from $329 in the United States and while this is far from the cheapest tablet around, it did reach a new price point for an Apple iPad. The lighter design and lower price helped deliver iPads to the hands of children and adults last Christmas, but what if that price increased with iPad mini 2?

We saw the iPhone 5S price increase a little this year along with the launch of an iPhone 5C at not such a low price, so could this signal Apple’s willingness to set higher than expected prices. We will find out within the month, but you can count on even the smallest of price increases being seen as a step backwards rather than forwards.


Only a few days ago we saw a gold iPad mini 2 leak and this apparent next-gen iPad arrived with a TouchID as well, much like that on iPhone 5S, so would this extra feature push up the price of an iPad mini 2? Even more important, would the consumer be willing to pay more for an iPad mini with fingerprint sensor?

The latest rumored specs for iPad mini 2 include 1GB of RAM, a new 64-bit A7 chip, M7 motion coprocessor, and of course the fingerprint security as well. Will you be willing to pay more than $330 for this upgrade, and if so how much more? After no live video coverage at the iPhone event, you can count on no live stream during Apple’s iPad 5 and mini 2 event this month but look for the keynote video within 24 hours of the event ending.

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  • IamNotBaptised

    I would go for the latest iPad Mini 2 if the price is same but because I need iPad for study (not those latest gimmicks) and first generation iPad has a good battery life, I would stick with iPad Mini for its ok screen resolution and very good battery life instead of forking bucks for the gimmicks Apple might add with a hike on the tag. Additionally, in my opinion Apple would be pushing its luck too far if they still want to continue their overly lucrative price instead of competing with Nexus and Galaxy Note and other tablets around. Their price hike may not see significant effect immediately, but Apple’s prices are already shifting consumers gradually to alternative brands with equally if not better spec and cheaper tablets. Their prices are barring themselves from new costumers too. So it is all up to Apple whether they want to dominate the market or whether they want to lose their grip.