GTA V Online release time countdown with tips

The moment is almost upon us for all GTA V fans worldwide. The game has been out for almost weeks but now it is time to prepare for the GTA Online release time. The countdown is now on and we have an official time for when the GTA V multiplayer servers are due to go live.

Unfortunately, GTA Online is not going to feature 32 player support as rumors previously suggested. However, the multiplayer portion is going to feature several modes straight away accessible to everyone, while we can also confirm the very important fact that unlocks will be tied to reputations – not the much-debated micro-transactions using GTA credit cards.

Listen carefully, as GTA Online is due to go live at 4am Pacific Time on October 1. That means you can expect to see servers go live at around 7am Eastern Time, 12pm in the UK and 7pm for our friends over in Hong Kong and other neighboring Asia countries.

That is obviously a strange time for those on Pacific Time, so you’ll have to decide whether or not to stay up through the night – we would recommend you get some sleep first as there are bound to be some delays and niggles when Rockstar finally presses the green button.

To prepare you for the madness of GTA Online, Rockstar has released some final tips on their website. They have provided a rather lengthy guide explaining some of the finer areas of GTA Online, such as Jobs, Races, Sports and Customization.

This will be you and your friends in a few hours..
This will be you and your friends in a few hours..

The developer has even gone one step further to make a list of the content that is currently planned as future updates over the next few weeks – these include things like a Capture the Flag mode and Heists. Rockstar being Rockstar, this content will all be free to download.

Are you pumped up for GTA Online? The clock is ticking – let us know which mode you are going to play first! Have you already gathered a team together?



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