GTA V Online problems galore with connecting

When Rockstar announced GTA V Online they said they knew their servers would come under a lot of pressure, but would be ready for it. Well, judgment day came today and we are already hearing GTA V Online problems galore, as gamers are having trouble connecting.

It seems Rockstar were not ready after all, which is strange because everyone and their dog knew this game was going to be in hot demand. And as such gamers would be trying to connect online in their droves to see what all the fuss was about.

If you are a Grand Theft Auto V fan and were thinking of trying out the multiplayer version of the game, then you need to either be patient when it comes to connecting, or wait until Rockstar is able to resolve the server issues.

The developer knows about these glitches and is already working on them; the way they intend to do this is by purchasing and adding more servers to cope with the demand.

With more than 10 million copies of GTA V being sold so far we have to imagine a huge percentage of these have tried to get online today, no wonder there have been issues.

What we do find funny is how Rockstar has said they were experiencing more players than they anticipated – it’s like they have been living on another planet. We knew even before its release that a multiplayer version of GTA V was going to be a huge deal, so how come Rockstar did not?

Have you been able to connect to GTA V Online?



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