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Earthquake news today on iPad map

We use our Apple iPads for many things and thanks to apps each day another task can be completed with a tablet rather than other gadgets. Over the last year many laptop users have jumped ship to tablet only, so today we wanted to highlight one app that delivers Earthquake news today on an iPad map.

QuakeFeed is an app that looks best on an iPad. This application will reveal the latest Earthquake news in a visual manner, which also contains a map plotting the locations of earthquakes, alerts and breaking news.

Not only is this iOS app free, but also at the time of writing we did not see any advertisements on the iPad version. It has the cleanest user interface, custom push notifications, great configuration options and has a neat plate-line display.


It should be noted that there is one way this app makes money, and that is with the custom notifications. They charge $1.99 for this service, so if you don’t want to be opening the app up a lot to look if there has been any earthquake alerts then this is well worth the money.

You can see the full features for this earthquake app on iTunes. In a nutshell, you will find earthquake news today and previous announcements, a speedy UI that’s uncluttered, plate lines and 7 basemap options with maps provided by Esri.

Do you think QuakeFeed is the best earthquake app for news as it happens today? Take a look and let us know what you think, in our opinion it is the best to date considering the cost for custom notifications is still under $2.



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