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Sony PS4 storage warning with 50GB games

It looks like the bonus feature of Sony’s PS4 hard drive being upgradable is really going to come in handy throughout next year. We’ve just had confirmation that Killzone Shadow Fall is going to be massive in size for those that are buying digital, resulting in users only being able to install around 10 ‘large’ games in size before their hard drive reaches full capacity.

To cut to the chase, it has been revealed that Killzone Shadow Fall is going to have a file size of around 50GB, as confirmed by Sony’s Fergal Gara – UK chief of PlayStation.

Just take that in for a second – 50GB is a significant chunk of your PS4 hard drive and it could mean that similar games or even bigger scale ones like say Fallout 4 on next-gen could be in excess of 50GB. With a 500GB capacity on the PS4, it means that you only have space to fit around 10 of these games on your system.

That could end up a problem for a lot of users, but then again you are free to upgrade your system to a 1TB hard drive, which is obviously why Sony made the system hard drive open in the first place. There’s also the consideration that not everyone will be downloading their PS4 games digitally, so 500GB may still be plenty of space for a few digital games and plenty of music and video content.

Should be a 50GB digital disclaimer on this..
Should be a 50GB digital disclaimer on this..

With problems with the digital version of GTA V though as mentioned here, we just hope that the PS4 infrastructure can cope with everyone downloading a 50GB file at the same time. The system’s Play as you Download feature should come in very handy indeed, but we still have a feeling that servers are going to be in for a massive shock come November 15.

What are your thoughts on this upon hearing that many PS4 games could be 50GB in size?



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