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Pokemon X and Y new badger keeps fans guessing

We have just told you about the possibility of Froakie having a final evolution into Greninja, but now we have more juicy Pokemon X and Y rumors to share. Another image has popped up, apparently confirming the availability of a mysterious new badger type Pokemon in the game.

Although we have seen a ton of new Pokemon X and Y creature reveals over the last few weeks, it’s clear that Game Freak and Nintendo are going to keep a significant amount of Pokemon a secret so that fans can discover them, themselves upon release.

However, with just days to go until the global launch, you can bet that some lucky fans have already managed to get their hands on the game early. With this in mind, feast your eyes on the above image which appears to show this new elusive badger in the game for the very first time.

It certainly looks cute on first impressions, but then again with glowing blue eyes it may be a badger with powerful psychic abilities just like Mew – we all know how that turned out.

Have you made your decision yet?
Have you made your decision yet?

Hopefully this isn’t another fake image via Photoshop, as we would love to see a badger-based creature in the game and we think you will agree with us on this point as well. The image is slightly blurred, so is it possible that this one could be a real screenshot taken from an early copy of the game?

As we wait confirmation of this, give us your thoughts on the design and also some moves if the badger turns out to be a Psychic type.



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