Mighty No 9 PS Vita joy, but Capcom sue fears

By Alan Ng - Sep 30, 2013

What a success Mighty No.9 has been so far on Kickstarter. After originally starting out as a fan project intended for PC release, the game has now become more than Keiji Inafune’s wildest dreams and will release on home consoles as well as looking odds on to secure a PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS release as well.

While everything seems great for Inafune and his team at the moment, the legendary developer has admitted that he may face a significant problem if Capcom decide to jump in and spoil his party.

Inafune may have created the iconic character back in the 80s, but Capcom still holds all of the legal IP and copyright factors that will keep Megaman firmly tied to the company for the forseeable future.

As a result, Capcom may decide that Mighty No 9 looks too much like Mega Man in their opinion and decide that they want to take Inafune and Comcept to court and get some of that Kickstarter fund pot as payment. It would obviously be a disaster for backers if it happened, but Inafune is keeping an optimistic mind on this eventuality.

When speaking to IGN recently, he had this to say on the subject:

“If I said I wasn’t worried at all, that would be a lie. [But]Everybody has a freedom in creativity, and there are a lot of people out there that have created their games out of respect towards Mega Man.”

He also went on to reveal that some Capcom employees have even secretly backed Mighty No 9 on Kickstarter, so it’s clearly a project that a lot of gamers believe in. Considering we may not see a new Mega Man game any more, this is the closest thing that it gets.

Imagine if Capcom sue and Kickstarter backers do not get the finished product or their cash back – how would you react towards Capcom if this becomes a reality? – it could happen as a genuine prospect.

This game needs to come to Vita..

This game needs to come to Vita..

Although Mighty No 9 would be great on current and next-gen consoles, we’re a lot more excited on the new $3.5m USD stretch goal to bring the game to PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS – it would look amazing on the handheld, especially the OLED PS Vita.

Give us your thoughts on whether you think Capcom will sue or not. Do you think it will happen out of jealousy for their former employee? Business is business after all in the gaming industry.

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  • Zer0

    They’d be taking one hell of a gamble going after this. They are seriously hurting for money as it is. An attorney is going to be expensive if they can even put together a strong enough case, and whether they win or lose they’re going to piss of a lot of potential customers if they take this to court

  • Streig

    Capcom’s reputation is in shambles. They promised super street fighter 4 was the last version of the game, and then promptly released TWO MORE! For mega man’s anniversary, not only did they not release any new games, they actually went as far as to cancel the very highly hyped games in the pipe line. They have had their hands caught in the dreaded “on disc DLC” cookie jar, and Resident Evil 6 was a very definite failure.

    If Capcom goes after a kickstarter, as popular and highly publicized as this one, all they will be doing is confirming what most gamers already know; Capcom doesn’t care about their consumers. Suing at this late stage in the game is akin to public opinion suicide. If they do, the legion of consumers her were on the fence as to how they feel about Capcom will find it very easy to make up their minds. Do the smart thing Capcom; stay quiet, and hope we forget you’re there.

  • Fireninjastar

    Capcom will lose ALL of their money if they try to sue. xD

  • anon

    They can’t. There’s no way at this point that Capcom can step in and stop this thing. At the beginning that was definitely a concern that I had, if they had stopped it in a day or so the whole thing would have likely been dealt with. At this stage for Capcom to step in and shut down such a massively successful project would create a nightmare of bad publicity that hasn’t been seen since Microsoft’s Xbone announcement. They would kill off any remaining good will in the gaming community forever, regardless of what games or projects they announce or release later.