GTA V PC release date momentum with petition

By Alan Ng - Sep 30, 2013

While console owners are having the time of their lives with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of GTA V, there is still the matter of the missing GTA V release date for the millions of PC gamers. Frustrations are continuing to boil over, but gamers are optimistic that Rockstar needs to answer demand sooner or later thanks to an ongoing petition.

We first told you about a PC petition back in July, when the amount of signatures had just passed the 250,000 stage. Fast forward four months and we can tell you that over 500,000 PC gamers have made their voices heard loud and clear, with Rockstar bound to know that they are under pressure to give out information soon.

Typically we usually see a PC release of a new GTA game around six months after the console release. However, based on recent rumors, Rockstar may decide to break their trend and release the game in November – which would be a huge surprise to us.

Rockstar has not said one word on a PC release under than that it is ‘under consideration’, so we would find it surprising if they suddenly announce that a PC version is ready as soon as November without any previous fanfare.

That won’t stop the rumors obviously and you should definitely take it with a pinch of salt when you hear whispers on ‘confirmed’ PC specifications – there is no substance whatsoever behind them without an official confirmation first.

How long will Rockstar keep Michael waiting?

How long will Rockstar keep Michael waiting?

Still though, the petition is the closest thing we have at the moment to an official release and long may the signatures continue to grow. Half a million green ticks is a massive achievement already and just shows the power that the community has.

The ball is in your court Rockstar, it’s time to give out some official information at last.

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  • Jesus4fun

    500k you damn idiots…

  • collin

    There aren’t even 8 billion people in the whole world and you are saying there are 500 billion gamers signing a petition

    • NgTurbo

      Calm down Collin, mistake altered now 😉 Internet crisis averted..

  • collin

    500,000 million?