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BBM reaffirmed on Android and iOS

BlackBerry is in a very bad way at the moment and so the only way the company believe they will be able to help shine some light on them is with a little help from rival platforms. It is for this reason why we are not shocked BBM has been reaffirmed on iOS and Android, although they still refuse to give a new release date.

The BBM app was already released once, but was quickly taken down, although there are a lucky few who downloaded it and have been able to enjoy all what comes with BBM. It was a huge blow when the app was removed from the App Store and the Google Play Store, but at least we have not been forgotten.

It was finally nice to see an update on twitter in regard to BBM for Android and iOS, which as you know will only work on devices 7 inched and less. So the iPhone and a range of Android devices, with no clue if and when anything larger will be supported.

We cannot be certain how long those using BBM will have access to the service, but it won’t be much longer before they are blocked that way BlackBerry will be able to start managing their servers better.

Even though the BBM for Android and the iPhone has been delayed, this has not stopped BlackBerry from declaring more platforms will be supported, with Windows Phone the next likely candidate. That’s not all, as there could also be BBM for Windows and Mac OS X computers later down the line.



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